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literary agent contract delay in returned copy


I was extended an offer of representation from an experienced agent, which was so thrilling as my previous agent decreased her client list due to covid before we went on subs. The meeting with the new agent was rescheduled a few times through her reader due to the agent being very busy, and I understood. The agent and I had a wonderful conversation, and she extended an offer.  :) I requested the contract which her reader/assistant sent, and I signed and returned the next day, which was a little over a week ago. When I sent the signed contract I also shared that an independent publisher was interested in publishing the manuscript and would work with me or an agent, and I requested a countersigned copy of the contract be returned to me. The reader said I could share the agent's contact information with the publisher, which I did, but she didn't respond to the request for a fully signed contract copy. I followed up with the agent and her reader yesterday which was one week later again requesting a copy of the contract, but haven't received a reply. Does it sometimes take weeks to receive a countersigned agency agreement? Am I not represented until I receive that signed copy? I hope I am not annoying the agent or her reader, because they seem amazing!!

It will take some time to get the signed contract back to you. That's most likely fine. If you haven't found anything to indicate the agent is a scammer, then assume that the agent is thrilled to work with you too.

I believe you are currently represented, even without the contract copy.

Congrats on the independent publisher!

Thank you!! I am happy, but still waiting on the agreement. :)

publishing business ... there's slow and then slower



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