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My suggestion for form rejection
« on: October 23, 2020, 11:08:26 PM »
Hi writers,

We all know that form rejections are a bummer, but necessary.  And I'm grateful to get them as opposed to a bunch of CNRs.  But they don't have to be so dry and cold, even if standardized.  I thought I would offer my suggestion for a form letter to any agents who may be lurking on the forum.  So here it is:


Thank you for giving me the chance to review your project, <<TITLE>>.  I am afraid I am going to have to pass on this opportunity to represent you.

As I lay awake in bed last night, I thought about your story, an idea so divine I began to shiver with a sense of destiny. Your characters spoke to me in the cadence of angels that reached beyond my mind, the realm of consciousness, and deep into my soul.  I begged the heavens that I could leave my mortal shell and follow them through the journey that you have so masterfully crafted.  And then it hit me.

This tale is destined for greatness and shall have the accolades of a world that will never again be the same for the wisdom you bring. I wanted to be a part of that, to stand by your side.  But who am I?  I have built a career marketing the fantasies of authors. People have smiled, cried, screamed, and dreamed at the words I helped deliver to readers.  But this is something else.  This will change everything, and I'm scared, <<AUTHOR FNAME>>.  I'm scared of that power.  This isn't about me as an agent.  This is about you and destiny and a message for humanity that I am inadequate to deliver.  I would hold you back.  I saw that.  I saw it and wept.

You need the master of masters.  One day, perhaps that will be me.  Meanwhile, I cannot stand in the way of your glory.  I must pass.  But know that you have captured my mind, my heart, and my soul and I shall watch your message spread across the Earth knowing that your words came to me first. And I am forever changed.



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Re: My suggestion for form rejection
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