Author Topic: Survival Sci-Fi is looking for Critique Partners and/or Beta Readers  (Read 1074 times)

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Hi there, if you're reading this that means the title was interesting enough, and hopefully by the end of this you'll be interested enough to want to read.
I'm looking for someone who is interested in helping me with beta reading my first finished novel, or to be my critique partner and help me with the whole process. It's a survival sci-fi adult novel. I'd appreciate someone who would like to read it all, but reading a few chapters or even just the first one is also fine. Everyone is welcome.

However I have some requisites:

-You have to be absolutely honest with your thoughts, no matter how harsh they are. Pretty words and flattery won't change the book for better.

-That's it, that's the only requisite hahaha

So, I kind of wrote a blurb, but I suck at blurbs, so I'm not sure if this is good enough, but I think it catches at least the basics. This is like my 15th attempt to write one:

After twelve years of cryosleep, Alice Marlan wakes up in the Heracles III as part of the crew sent to the Interstellar Conqueror Cruise Ninlil to repair their communications systems. The crew thinks she knows what the signal sent by the Ninlil says, after all, Alice's graduation project is what tracked it back to Andromeda. But soon she realizes there was a reason why the Federation kept the signal secret from everyone, that the mission might be a fraud, and that the lives of everyone aboard might be in danger.

Anyway, there's a catch. If at this point you're interested, I hope the following doesn't put you down. The novel is around three hundred forty thousand words (in letters so people don't jump directly to the number). I know it's a lot, but trust me: it's absolutely worth it. Knowing this, that's why I understand if people would be interested in just part of it, but I'm hoping the story is gripping enough to catch you and keep you until the end.

What could you expect from the reading?

-Slow-burn pace. I'm using a personal method to make the reader *actually* care for Alice, which consumes a little bit of time and therefore extends the wordcount. As an apathetic person myself, this is crucial if I want to be invested with her. The story was originally intended to horror, even if that changed as the story moved along (it's still kind of survival horror), and for me to be scared I really need to care for the characters, otherwise it doesn't work. For this reason, the tension builds slow as we take time to know Alice. She doesn't open up easily, so we move at her pace.

-Realistic and deep characters and emotions. You'll love some characters, you'll hate others. Hopefully you'll laugh with them, get angry with them, fear for them, and cry with them, especially with Alice, as she's the one we follow. Again, I'm a very apathetic person so I'm not really sure if you'll feel anything while reading (I don't feel anything while reading, even though I did get tense re-reading my own stuff even if I knew exactly what was going to happem, so that's something), but at the very least I'm sure you'll laugh a couple of times. It's a long emotional journey for Alice, and I really hope for the reader too.

-Not perfect, but polished. I haven't edited it enough yet I guess. There might be some grammar and spelling mistakes. Might also have some errors by typing dyslexia, which is pretty annoying by the way. English is not my native laguage, so there's that too. I've tried to fix every mistake I can spot, but some of them just fly under my radar. Others phrases that I imagined were normal apparently are not, which means you'll see stuff like "tightened her lips", which I think it's easy to understand even if not normally used.

-My writing voice regarding addressing characters. I hesitated if adding this here or not, but apparently it's something unusual. When I tag/call/address a character, I might do it using different tags. For example, my MC can be addressed as Alice, Marlan, the redhead, the tourist, addressed by something she's wearing, addressed by something she's doing, addressed by another physical characteristic, and so on. This apply to all characters. That's a hill I'll die on.

-Long chapters. Not too much to explain here.

If you want more information please let me know, and i'll gladly answer ;)
also, I think I should add some trigger warnings (i still need to do some research on trigger warning to add, but this is what I think could cause triggers):
TW: Murder, sexual assault, cursing, gore (kind of, not really)

What I'd like from you?

-As I said at the beginning, honest feedback.

-If you like something, tell me why. If you don't, tell me why.

-It's not needed for you to correct my grammar and spelling. I'll appreciate it, but it's not something you're required to do, especially not if that distract you from reading. However, if you want to do it, feel free to do so.

-Comments whenever you feel necessary. No matter for what, they are always appreciated.

-I'd like you to make a comment or note whenever the reading makes you *feel* something. Either possitive or negative. This is something that I'd really love to know.

-To take your time. There is no rush.

-A general opinion about each chapter. I'll provide some short questions so you can fill for each chapter. If you leave comments throughout the reading, reapeating the same in the questions isn't necessary, but if you don't leave comments, answering the questions would really help.

-Probably just that.

If you want to be my critique partner, I could read your WIP too, but take into account that what I ask for here is the same that I give when critiquing (except for grammar/spelling if I don't see it wrong). I'll be brutally honest. I'm also a really slow reader so...

Again, any question just let me know, and thank you in advance to everyone willing to help :) Also thank you for reading until here :)