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Question about Typesetting
« on: January 19, 2021, 04:19:34 PM »
I'm in the final stages of getting everything self-published. One thing I want to ask about is the different typesets for paperback and kindle. My editor gave me the rundown:

You can get it typeset for print and then create a print replica Kindle e-book from the PDF. Then the Kindle book will look just like the print book. Alternatively, you can get it typeset for print and then have the Kindle ebook formatted separately. The plus of this is that it allows for a bit more flexibility for readers in the ebook format. The downside is it looks pretty generic.

Is it worth to do a separate typeset for a kindle? I've always gone with physical books and have never picked up a kindle in my life so I don't have any experience with one. Does a separate typeset for kindle add that extra little bit you need to make it more presentable? Should I stick to a basic pdf if readers want their kindle experience to feel more like a regular book? Does it even matter?

I'm thinking of going with the separate typeset for kindle since my editor is only charging me $100 extra for it. So it's not hurting me financially, but I wanted to ask for other peoples' opinions.