Author Topic: CONGRATULATIONS! You have just won 12.6 million dellars. Read now to collect!  (Read 1255 times)

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Bamm! Whassup!

Check this, my new book, ready to drop! Ready to cut that cheddah brah! You think you know books. You ain't seen nadah. What you're lookin at here will put ole Chuck Dickens and Alex Dumbass right back in the bottle they crawled outta. My's like Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings meets Happy Gilmour meets Chariots of Fire. ET phone this sh** home! You call me in the next ten minutes not only will I let you be my agent but I'll also let you be my cook, my chauffer and my manscaper. Play your cards right you may be able to quit that dump of a firm which has only been around a hundred eighty years and has amassed over twelve billion since 2010. Yeah that place sucks. You come work for me instead. Also have some great ideas for some alien space porn translated into traditional leprechaun just to shut the kids up. Have you tried these new vape cartridges? I'll take a large pizza, extra cheese and sausage.

Call me Jack.
But not before 1pm.

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I was expecting this to be authored by the Fresh Nigerian Prince... :up:
Aut inveniam viam aut faciam - attributed to General Hannibal