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Query Letters for Screenplay Agents


Odd John:

Are there any plans to add a "screenplay agents" field to the database? And in the DB filter? Obviously it's not strictly speaking a genre, but there would seem to be nowhere else to put it. And it is a unique identifier, without which members have to plod through the entire list. Thanks!

Sorry, John, screenplay agents tend to be very different than book agents and so QT doesn't list them.

Odd John:
Agree, yet I was hoping for a ridiculous degree of flex. Very well.

However, though I will not have the advantage of database support, do you have any objection to me posting screenplay "treatments" for crits (a "fat synopsis", about 10 pages) in the *Submit a Chapter" thread? I confess I already dropped one there, hoping the DBS answer would be "yes". Title: BOOKIES, about the intersection of mob bookies and antiquarian bookworms. If not I will refrain. Please let me know if you want me to delete the orphan. I'll be a grown man crying, but I'll do it...


I don't see any harm in it, unless some other members start having issues with it. Go right ahead.

Odd John:
Thank you very much. Of course time will tell about members' reactions...


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