Author Topic: Pitch fests and conferences for agents (your XP)  (Read 262 times)

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Pitch fests and conferences for agents (your XP)
« on: May 15, 2021, 01:43:11 AM »
Hey guys,

A handful of questions for you:

Keen to get your experiences on attending pitch fests both online and in person (although online mostly).

1. What did you think of the competition in terms of quality of their work and ideas? If it were converted to a slush pile, what percentage did you think were "bad" and "good" if you get what I mean. Did this leave you feeling like, "Hey, so many of these are not that great, authors are rude, have no clue, I have a chance!" or "Wow, way too many amazing authors and stories out there, sob!"
2. What was the actual pitch process for authors?
3. Why does it seem that new authors have more success going the route of pitch fests? Or am I wrong?
4. What are the common factors that you think get authors interest from these agents?
5. Do you think going through one of these gives you a better shot than the slush pile?
6. How many authors (guess) were involved?
7. Did you have to pitch in front of everyone on the call, or was it a one on one thing?

I attended an online pitch fest on Twitter some time ago (even forgot the name of it) but as mentioned before, it went off topic a lot and got to a point where I had to get off as it was getting way too political. It felt like an army motivation session rather than a session to have stories pitched at agents. Maybe I chose a bad apple on a bad day!
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