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Logged out and passwords inactivated?


Patrick, on Friday my account lost its own password and wouldn't let me log back in even though it's been set up to automatically log me in. It told me Tabris didn't even exist. Obviously I'm here again now (I used the "forgot my password" option and then suddenly Tabris existed again) but I'm curious. Was that a system-wide thing? Or just a glitch?

Hi Tabris,

The forum is kind of weird. You have a username and a display name, and they don't have to be the same. You have to sign in with your username, but what people see when you post, etc, is your display name. Your username and display name are different, so you can't sign in as Tabris. That's just your display name. You have to use your username.

It keeps logging me out and causing havoc when I try to get back in. :-( I've been here for years and this is the first time it's choking like this :-(

Well, I'll keep trying.

Have you been deleting cookies? Without the cookies the site can't remember you.

With some browsers, clearing your history will also clear the cookies.

No, I haven't done anything weird. It's like the site suddenly took a dislike to me.

Regardless, I'm now able to login again, so this is good. I'll have to keep trying to convince it to keep me logged in as it always did before.  :up: (I know about the "keep me logged in" box. I check it, and the computer doesn't care. This is fine. It's a solvable problem.


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