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The Last Resort-HisFic-SynopsisV1
« on: June 18, 2021, 02:40:13 PM »
Would love any thoughts

SIRAN, an Armenian raised in Aleppo, had escaped the Syrian civil war with the help of an Arab boy she had befriended years ago. To celebrate their new life they decide to take a vacation, ending up at The Last Resort, an adventure camp perched on the Himalayas, when the strongest earthquake in the history of the region shakes the mighty mountain range.

Siran is exploring a cave when it begins to collapse around her. In a flash she is back to the days of bombing in her Syrian neighbourhood and her survival instincts kick in. She runs out of the cave and when the shaking subsides, pulls her injured friend from under the rubbles, but fails to save the tour guide. Surrounded by crumbling mountains, Siran sits on the shaking ground, waiting for death to finally catch up with her. But then YASH, a filmmaker from India, finds her while he himself is running from grizzly scenes of broken bodies.

Yash was on the bridge which connected the resort to the only road leading out of the region, when it rose up in a wave, his film crew standing on the road, disappearing from his view. As the earthquake shakes the bridge violently, Yash hangs on to its sides ready to swing down to the river below. But the bridge, though beaten and broken, does not snap. Yash walks to his crew and together they begin to help the villagers who have started to stream down to the road from the flattened villages on the mountainsides.

Meanwhile, back in the resort, DANDRA watches in horror as her workplace disappears into the ground. At 22, she is the youngest staff member but Dandra had to take up big responsibilities early in life and now finds herself taking the lead. Dandra gathers up the hysterical guests and villagers and plans their evacuation from the dangerously located resort. She manages to get everyone but one guest across the bridge. BORSHA had come to the resort with her best friend HRIDI and refuses to evacuate without finding Hridi, who was under one of the demolished buildings of the resort.

As Borsha frantically searches for Hridi, Dandra convinces her to evacuate and return with more manpower. Borsha agrees, following Dandra out of the resort and meets Siran and Yash on the other side of the bridge. They had set up a makeshift first-aid camp in the film crew's van, to treat all survivors of the earthquake. While Yash treats Borsha’s injuries, she convinces him to go back to the resort with her to find Hridi. Miraculously they succeed and find Hridi - unconscious, her leg broken, but still alive.

As night descends around them, the survivors set up camp on some mountainside terraces. Huddled together around a fire, they get to know each other and slowly fall asleep, confident of rescue the following day.

The next morning, Dandra returns to the resort to place a satellite phone call to the resort headquarters and obtain directions from her boss. Her boss informs her about the devastation in the capital and leaves her with no instructions but to stay put, resulting in the staff members deciding to trek out and ‘save themselves, since no one cares for them’. Dandra pleads with them, understanding that the injured guests would not be able to trek out, but to no avail. Almost all of the resort staff walk out, taking with them many of the uninjured guests.   
Back on the campsite Hridi is fighting the pain in her legs and worrying about the location they had chosen to set up camp. She is afraid that the man made terraces made the location more prone to a landslide from the constant aftershocks still pulsating under them. Her worst fears come true and a second earthquake hits, leaving her and Siran’s injured friend stuck in the tent while everyone runs away to safety. Hridi watches as the mountain begins to slide overhead and is soon buried under it.
For the second time, Hridi is dug out from under the ground, alive, and she urges the group to find a higher, better location to set up camp. The group heads higher into the mountains where local villagers allow them to use one of the fields to set up camp.

Over the next two days, the group falls into organic roles. Dandra, emerges as the leader of the group, advocating for the guests with the villagers. Siran, becomes the designated medic, looking after her injured friend and Hridi, whose broken leg quickly gets infected. Borsha and Yash busy themselves by helping around the camp - fetching water for everyone, building fires and helping prepare food. They navigate through hope of rescue, fear of death, hunger, heat, cold, injuries and moments of laughter and joy. They face their personal anxieties about the life they have led and what awaits them if they make it out alive and find strength in each other, forming unlikely friendships.

When a rescue helicopter finally lands on the third day, the group rejoices. Their ordeal is over. But the helicopter is besieged by the villagers who make it clear that they will not allow the foreign guests to be plucked out to safety while injured villagers continue to perish. With the villagers turning hostile towards them and air rescue unlikely, Dandra declares they would have to trek out by themselves.

They prepare for the xx miles trek over the mountains to the nearest town, building a makeshift gurney to carry Hridi, whose broken leg prevents her from walking. But the gurney never sees any use as Hridi, feeling like a burden on the group, silently succumbs to her injuries the night before their trek.

Hridi’s death hits the group hard. Siran, feeling responsible for failing to save Hridi, refuses to give up and frantically tries to bring her back to life. Yash, hurting deeply himself, tries to manage the situation. Dandra dives into making sure that Hridi’s body sees the honor of a proper burial and Borsha goes into denial - guilt ridden and afraid of returning home alone. The energy and enthusiasm with which they had hoped to begin their rescue trek dissipates as they bury Hridi and head out to the unknown mountainside.

They walk for hours, climbing higher onto the mountain since the road leading out is completely destroyed. Along the way they pass more and more devastation, a school building gutted, whole mountains disintegrated, villages flattened and devoid of any life whatsoever. They maneuver through obstacles, climbing over rubbles, sliding down the mountainside and at one point getting caught on a cliff ledge just when an aftershock creates a landslide over head. Throughout the journey they help each other, not only physically, sharing the last rations of food and water, pushing and pulling each other over ledges, but also psychologically. They ride the highs and lows of emotions, singing war songs one moment and submerging into frightened silence the next.

After 10 hours of trekking over the mountains, on the road and then across a shallow part of the river, Yash is helping Borsha tend to her bruises when his cell phone connects to network and begins to ring from an incoming call. The group finally connects to the outside world and their loved ones. Dandra takes over, organizing a bus to take them to the capital Kathmandu.

On the bus ride back everyone reflects on not just what they had survived but what lay ahead. Yash dares to hope that his marriage isn’t over. Dandra learns that her home and her father had perished in the earthquake and vows to rebuild her life again. Borsha begins to come to terms with Hridi’s death and prepares to face their families and Siran learns to look at her heritage anew, not as refugees fleeing disasters but as survivors facing up to them.

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Re: The Last Resort-HisFic-SynopsisV1
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Right off the bat, this synopsis looks too long. I'm new to writing queries and synopses, so I just googled synopses for literary agents. FYI The consensus is synopses should be fewer than 1,000 words (but this figure is high and an outlier) and a maximum of 2 pages.