Author Topic: Sanity check video on the Twitter grip of the YA market (maybe all markets)  (Read 910 times)

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I haven't read the article referred to in here, but this spoke to my heart. I detest Twitter and SM, and I know I'm not alone there. This was soooo welcome. On the other hand, as someone who detests these platforms, I do sort of feel screwed as I prepare to query a YA book.

Maybe debut authors have better chances with adult fiction rather than YA (and possibly even MG). What do you guys think?

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From what I hear, fiction and non-fiction are different beasts. Non-fiction authors can get a book deal from their social media platform alone, and I've heard countless stories where querying authors are rejected because they have no platform. Fiction authors aren't expected to have a platform while querying, but I've heard agents ask prospective authors how they plan on marketing their book. SM is a huge marketing avenue, but authors were able to reach their readers before Twitter existed.

I plan on going private on all SM if I get an agent when I get an agent and funneling all my platform into an author website. Your mileage may vary