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Beta reader for first 3 chapters/ Literary fiction
« on: January 05, 2022, 05:16:47 AM »
 Hi friends:

I'm looking for someone who can go through the first three chapters of my Literary fiction ( 90k) THE MESSENGER. Will return the favor. Thanks. Navin

The blurb of my books is below:

As the chosen Son of God for millions of believers in and around Goa, Miguel Arcanjo cares for nothing but heaven and hell until he discovers the love and laughter of a bargirl.

Torn between God and the bargirl, Miguel sets out on a spiritual quest to know if a divine `messenger` like him can embrace the bonds of earthly joys without wronging his heavenly father. On his toe is a maverick journalist who thinks Miguel is nothing but an impostor. After months of wandering, Miguel finds his answer in a set of papyrus scrolls in Jesus’s fabled tomb in the Kashmir valley. The scrolls reveal the Last Gospel of Christ and tales of his joyful life with Mary Magdalene and their children in that snow-capped Eden.

Enlightened by the discovery, Miguel embraces the bargirl and hits the trail to spread the words of the Last Gospel. While his betrayed followers sharpen their knives, the journalist unravels the sham behind  Miguel’s virgin birth--- and a shocking story of religious fanaticism, deceit, rape, and murder. Miguel has only the shield of the Last Gospel and its supreme message of love to protect his life and mission.

THE MESSENGER is a work of literary fiction complete at 95,000 words. I’ve been a professional journalist for over two decades. Several non-fiction books such as Jesus in Kashmir: The Lost Tomb by Suzanne Olson; Jesus lived in India by Holger Kersten; and The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ by Nicolas Notovic have explored Christ’s life and death in Kashmir after he reportedly survived the Crucifixion.