Author Topic: Will this query win me an agent?  (Read 1300 times)

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Will this query win me an agent?
« on: November 09, 2021, 09:52:59 AM »
Dear Agent,

You brag on your agency website that you receive a hundred queries every week. Assuming you work a forty-hour week, and subtracting time for coffee and bathroom breaks, that means you have two hours to devote to reading every query you receive. Luckily, I’ll make this one short so it fits within your reading time frame and you can devote time to doing that.

VIRIDIS MOTEM MYSTERIUM is a contemporary YA novel I wrote in one months’ time  (in case you don’t read Latin as well as I do, the title translates to GREEN MOUNTAIN MYSTERY.

Lysia awakes one morning, takes a shower, combs her hair, brushes her teeth,  then looks in the mirror and realizes her face has turned bright green. This has happened because a dishonest magician cursed her grandfather, Lucius Standworthy Bryggen, in 1902, the year of the Great Flood in Oklahoma.

I can’t think of any other book written in the same ingenious style as VIRIDIS MOTEM MYSTERIUM so I’m not listing any for comparison. I’m also not including ten pages as your submission requirements suggest because I’m nervous my story might be stolen.

If you can’t tell from the above that I‘m well prepared to write I’ll alert you I have a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Harvard. I walk a mile every day for exercise.

Thank you for your consideration. If I haven’t heard back from you in a week, I will be sending my query to another member of your agency, so heads up, you need to move fast on this.


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Re: Will this query win me an agent?
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2022, 10:27:14 AM »

I'd sign you immediately  :write:


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Re: Will this query win me an agent?
« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2022, 08:30:05 PM »
This is awesome - I'm pretty sure I laughed out loud after every line.