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FALLING STAR YA Adventure/Romance Synopsis
« on: January 14, 2022, 06:22:31 PM »
Writing this synopsis (my first ever) was one of the worst things I've ever done. I'd appreciate any comments and help.
Thank you!


PAULA (12) wants to be a rock star. In her old playhouse, which her father built, Paula discovers a trap door and a deep hole. She jumps in, lands in a field. Two farmers in odd clothing accost her. She faints, wakes under the playhouse. She thinks she was dreaming, or nuts.

Now eighteen, Paula’s music career is stalled. Cute bartender CRAIG likes Paula. Throughout his childhood, his mom was abused. After Paula’s mother dies, Paula remembers her father’s sudden disappearance and the crystal necklace he gave her, which she always wears. She confronts her fear of the playhouse by jumping in again. This time she lands in London, 1965. Paula realizes she can use the portal to pursue her career. She figures out how to return to 2019: by being unconscious in the place she landed.

Paula starts using the portal to attain stardom. But, she never ends up where she thinks she will. The time frames and locations are random. Also, she injures herself when she lands.

In 2019, Paula and Craig date and attraction grows. Her mysterious disappearances and injuries make Craig think she’s being abused. He tries in vain to get her to confide. He starts to spy on her.

The first time Paula steals a modern hit song, in 1983, it’s an accident. When in response, she lands an amazing gig, an agent and a recording session, she’s hooked. After the producers ruin the song by overproducing it, she plans to steal another.

In 2019, Paula notices time travel produces butterfly effects; she worries Craig might be affected. She realizes Craig’s family is important to him; she can’t ask him to leave them.

When Paula returns to London 1965, she realizes that the portal has specific time/location points. Each time she lands it resets. She enters a talent competition with a stolen song and wins round one. She realizes she loves Craig. After getting recognition for the stolen music, Paula feels hollow. Paula can’t enjoy success without Craig. She wants to share her own story. She needs tell the truth.

Back in 2019, Craig is not returning Paula’s calls. She decides to go in person. But, because of the butterfly effect, Craig doesn’t know Paula and he has a girlfriend. Paula tells doubtful Craig about the portal, their relationship. Paula convinces Craig to come see for himself. He jumps, goes nowhere; Paula is confused. She jumps through and faces a snarling leopard. Alone in the playhouse, Craig investigates, realizes she must have disappeared. Paula sings to scare off the leopard. On the way out, Craig spots Paula lying at the bottom of the hole. Her head is bleeding. He gets her to a hospital.

Now, Craig believes Paula. His attraction to her is undeniable and he feels like a hypocrite. After they almost kiss, he breaks up with his girlfriend. Reunited, they theorize that Paula’s dad made the portal. They realize that Paula’s crystal is why she can time travel, but he can’t. They find Paula’s father’s journal, which confirms he discovered the portal, the crystals. Paula is worried and wants to rescue him.

Paula performs her own new music to positive feedback in 2020. A talent agent approaches. Then, Paula and Craig use the portal to search for her dad. After one failed, dangerous attempt, they land in that same field with the farmers. As the farmers run toward them, Paula realizes one of them is her dad. Paula and Craig hear her father’s full story. In 2020, there’s hope for Paula’s career. With her father, Paula walks down the aisle to marry Craig.
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