Author Topic: Beta Reader Wanted -- Willing to Trade - Contemporary / Erotic Romance  (Read 244 times)


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In need of a beta reader(s) for my manuscript, The Story of Us.

This novel best fits in the genre of Contemporary / Erotic Romance and has a heat level of approximately 3.5. 

Here is a little bit about the manuscript -- Please let me know if interested.  Thankyou !!!!

The Story of Us is a story about two people, Michael and Gloria, deeply in love yet separated by life for over thirty years until they reconnect one magical night in the grand lobby of Chicago’s historic Palmer House Hotel.  The reader watches as Michael and Gloria craft a plan to have it all –  a plan that allows them to finally be together after all of these years and to not disrupt the lives they had built apart from each other.  Together they risk it all - to have it all - only to end up with nothing - or everything -  depending on your perspective.
The story is set in Chicago and shares interesting snippets about this wonderful city as it serves as the beautiful backdrop for this love story.  The Story of Us is a frank, yet poetic, discussion about the rules that govern conventional relationships. Most readers will blush as they quietly identify with some - or all - of what they read, realizing they might themselves share the thoughts, desires, needs and fears of the story’s characters.  This is a story about chasing one’s dreams while settling for what life has offered.  But more than anything, The Story of Us is a story of love.
Michael and Gloria build a secret life together where they explore interests and fantasies, finally free from the limitations life imposed on them for so many years.  But in the end, life still has its way of keeping them apart when their intricate lovers triangle comes to a head one emotionally charged night that  ends with  introspection, pain and difficult decisions. 
After that night, the reader finds Gloria and Michael once again estranged.  You later learn that Michael falls victim to cancer, which took his life several short months after diagnosis.  But not before he could write the story of his life with Gloria, The Story of Us –  a story that exposes and educates the reader about the limitations of monogamy and a person’s capacity, and sometimes need, to love more than one person.

The story ends with the posthumous delivery of a powerful letter from Michael to Gloria, accompanied by the manuscript which he bestows upon her with a solemn request to tell their story, The Story of Us.

The Story of Us is a unique story that will likely appeal to a diverse group, but should be particularly popular with females from 35 to 60 years old.  It will grip those interested in love and romance stories as well as excite those willing to question the status quo and take a critical look at monogamy and traditional relationships. In the end, the reader will gain a unique understanding of love and human nature as well as  human frailty.

The Story of Us is not your typical love story with a hero, heroine and a happy ending.  It is a sticky story that will twist the readers’ emotions from one side to the other.  It is messy – just like life.  The reader will love the main characters one day, hate them the next and pity them the third.  But when all is said and done, the reader will realize that, while fiction,  this is perhaps the most real and truthful story of love and life ever written.  Life is not good or bad; it is good and bad.