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withdrawing a query

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Hi Patrick,

I've noticed a lot of agents using query manager provide an option to withdraw the query. In my case I have received feedback and want to withdraw in order to revise--but there is no
category for this on the drop-down menu and I'm wondering if you would consider adding it?


There is a text field with the withdraw option where you can add a note as to why you are withdrawing.

sorry--I'm not following. can you point me in the right direction?

Let's step back so I can make sure I understand what you want. You're looking for a way to withdraw your query on QueryManager, but you want it to say "Withdrawn in order to revise" instead of just "Withdrawn"? Is that what you mean?

If so, just use the regular "Withdraw" option, then add a note for the reason.

no--I meant a way to reflect on querytracker that I have withdrawn the query instead of marking it rejected or no response etc...


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