Author Topic: Can agents see who else a writer had queried if we use Query Manager sub forms?  (Read 768 times)

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It occurred to me that the data aggregators on agents' main pages in Querytracker reveal many subs. I'm not sure if they reveal all the ones using Query Manager forms, or if the writer must insert those manually to record them as a sort of voluntary communal help to others looking for data on the specific agent.
Of course, the data of all QM submissions is available to Patrick who runs this site. So, I may be asking him: can agents see anything beyond what their own portals show in terms of who/what/where a manuscript has gone?  :sad2:

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Hi 217mom,
Agents can only see their queries, and the queries of other agents at the same agency. This includes any related data.

And the data on QT only comes from authors who enter it. Nothing is taken from QueryManager directly.

I hope that answers your questions.