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 I'm 64 and ready to switch careers. I married young, fathered 4 children and worked as a Plumbing, Heating & Cooling contractor for over 30 years. About 6 years ago I got 1 DWI too many that landed me in jail, rehabs, homeless shelters and the like. I lost my house, wife, business and most friends. I moved from the Poughkeepsie NY area to Brooklyn NYC.  I began to write a book while in jail which worked to keep me somewhat sane. I realized that writing was more challenging than what I'd imagined but is also quite entertaining too. I don't think I would have ever been able to support my family writing but I don't need to worry about that anymore. I do it for fun and to keep myself amused -

Welcome! I have family in both Brooklyn and Poughkeepsie. :-) I'm so glad you found direction in writing and that you're here now. Are you querying?

I did post a query under the title Exiled to Hellas yesterday. It's been viewed already but no one responded. I don't blame them, I've also viewed several others but haven't replied either. I'm not qualified to critique anyone as I have never had any professional education other than what I learned in school. If it wasn't for spell checker I would never have even attempted any of this!

Sorry, I'm in and out and just drove a kid four and a half hours (and back) so he could look at a college. :-) I'll take a look at your query when I get a chance.

Queries are...a special breed of letter. I didn't really understand how they worked until one day a number of years ago when I had a fever and was tired and started critiquing queries to kill time. It turned out the best way to review them was while slightly delirious. :-D After that, they made sense. LOL


I do some of my best work delirious, at least it seems like my best work at the time.


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