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Hello, I'm a dual national US-UK writer querying my third novel.

The first one (chick lit, popular then - yes, it was a while back!) had a weak arc; the query got a good number of requests, but it ended there. For the second one (upmarket fiction, I guess), I only queried a small handful of agents, got a “useful rejection”, then shelved it. I agreed with the critique and meant to rewrite but had started writing this third book, which really excited me. I figured the first draft would be done in no time.  :D

Well, fast forward 3 1/2 years, and I started querying a couple of weeks ago. So far, I've only gotten a few form rejections.

Along the way I got an MA in creative writing, and a great workshop group, and studied the hell out of every plotting book out there. But... I think I may divert these energies into something else soon, because 10+ years of failure is probably long enough. Wish me luck anyway, eh? ;)

And yet I fear I might be so addicted to this ridiculous emotional rollercoaster that I may write another one anyway... Then again, I might take a different tack. Anybody here successfully selling erotic short fiction on Amazon? :D I'm not kidding, I think that will be my new project. I'll start a thread about that somewhere.


Try thirty + years of failure. Woohoo!

You inspire me - maybe it's not time to give up?!

(PS 10+ is on the low side. Don't ask how long I've been writing, workshopping, submitting stories and entering contests!)

Now would be the worst time to give up! And tomorrow you will be a better writer from the lessons you learned today, so tomorrow would be an even worse time to give up than today...and on it goes.

I've been writing for ten years too but it takes a long time to learn the art form. Congrats on your MA. I wouldn't give up yet. If you're having a hard time selling a manuscript, focus on short stories for a bit. Can you write a functional short story? Write a few of those and get them published where ever you can. It will be a lot easier to solicit yourself afterwards. Might even score a publishing deal on one of your older manuscripts as a result. Publishers/agencies are always hunting for low risk contracts. If you can get short stories published, you'll be deemed lower risk.


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