Author Topic: Speculative Fiction Group, a long-running critique group, is seeking members  (Read 547 times)

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I hope this is allowed here, since this board seems to be mostly about swaps right now.

I'm a member of a critique group called the Speculative Fiction Group. We've been around for a while, over a decade now. I haven't been a member the whole period, but I've participated for several years now and am now the main forum moderator. We were once a very large group, but over time our recruiting has dropped off and we are now down to a core group of less than 20 members. We moved to a new forum a few months ago, and we'd love to have more members to bring activity and discussion back.

Every summer starting in June we have a long critique "marathon" where we do weekly chapter critiques on each other's work, and every winter starting in January we have a slightly shorter one. The next critique marathon begins on June 6th, next month. So if you have a speculative fiction work you want to get critiqued, you can join and submit for the marathon.

In order to be a member you need to write speculative fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, etc.) and you need to be willing to give and receive serious critiques and be willing to improve. The link is below, we'd love to have you.  ;D

(Note that parts of the board are invisible until you register and are approved as a member.)

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Hi, Waxesnostalgic:  Thanks for the post. For so long as "alternate history" remains outside the mainstream genre categories, it appears speculative fiction is the closest match. Is the Speculative Fiction Group open to, and of interest to, writers of alternate history fiction?