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Found this forum while in the query trenches...


Querying sucks. It really does. It took me 6 years of on-and-off work to finish my manuscript, but boy, querying is a whole other kind and level of frustration, agony, and self-doubt.

I don't usually introduce myself in forums (and the rare occasions I do, I start with a much more uplifting opener :x) but I feel like I really need to find myself a community I can vent about the whole process to people who're on the same boat.

I'm a translator living in South Korea with two cats. Good to meet you all :D

Neil Lynch:
Hi!   ;D

I've got to say I hated the querying process but you've just got to persevere - if you're passionate about your work, that is.

It's fascinating you're in South Korea.  I lived in Tokyo 20 years ago but can't really risk going back (unpaid ward taxes).  I wouldn't mind giving teaching English another go and S. Korea sounds as crazy as Japan was back all those years ago.  So, who knows, maybe someday I'll head out to Seoul?

All the best on the forum!


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