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Hello new QT friends


It's great to be here.

I've written shorter things previously, but this is my first novel, so I'm appreciative of this community. (Fun fact: my favorite publishing credit is probably an article in the Marquette University student newspaper. I have never been a student of Marquette and have no affiliation as a parent, staff, faculty, etc.)

Looking forward to diving in. Thanks.

Hello and welcome :)


Neil Lynch:
Welcome to the forum  ;D

What's your novel called / about?

Thanks and hello. The novel is a mystery/crime story about a newspaper reporter who investigates a double murder that no one else seems to care about.

What I think is enjoyable is the puzzle that two people die in a house fire, but there is seemingly no connection between the two victims. They were both college students, but ran in different circles. Was this a random crime, or did they know each other?  (And why are the cops not trying to solve this?)

I am whipping my query letter into shape but that is the central question that I hope hooks the reader.


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