Author Topic: QueryManager queries can now be automatically tracked on QueryTracker  (Read 369 times)

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QueryManager queries can now be automatically tracked on QueryTracker.

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It's been a long time coming, but there were good reasons for the delay.

First off, there were certain design considerations when QueryManager was first created. The main being that there should be no barriers between the agents and the authors, and having to join QueryTracker (or any site) is considered a barrier. There should be no prerequisites to allow an author to query an agent.

So that's why QueryManager is separate from QueryTracker. It needed to be independent, but that creates some technical issues when it comes to sharing information between two different websites.

Another issue is, if queries through QueryManager are all automatically tracked, but regular queries still have to be input by members, then there will be much more data available for those agents using QueryManager then those who don't, and that could skew the data.

The solution there was to first wait until a large enough number of agents were using QM. Now, with almost 20% of QT agents using it, the problem with skewing data has been greatly reduced. But, another way to keep the data equal is to require the authors to still perform some kind of step to auto-track a query. That way, it is more likely that only the queries that were going to be tracked anyway, are being auto-tracked.