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My short story THE WORD ON THE WALL
« on: July 12, 2022, 11:34:12 AM »
My short story, THE WORD ON THE WALL, has been accepted for publication in an anthology by Dragon Soul Press. I'm super hyped to finally get my first publishing credit! Here's the query and author bios I submitted to them. This might be a weird format for querying but they're to the editor's specification.

" Dear Editor,

My name is ___, though I write under the initials J.E. Cearlock. I am an LGBT writer, and I have been writing since I could hold a pencil. I have completed works in fantasy and mystery, and my thriller ICE AND GLASS is currently under consideration with a literary agency. I believe THE WORD ON THE WALL would be an excellent match for your Beautiful Darkness Anthology because, while written from an adolescent POV, it”s a historical fiction story that explores the effects of losing oneself in drug use, reclaiming independence from abusive figures, and breaking cycles of abuse. These are universal themes that adults of all seasons can relate to, as life itself is a labyrinth that we all tend to get lost in from time to time.

Word count: 7999


Alyssa Steinburg’s parents warned her: peer pressure always ends in trouble. But does she listen? Of course not. All great stories require rule-breaking, right? Alyssa’s best friend and the cute new basketball player show up on her doorstep with the hottest new drug, Ambrosia; she can’t be a geek in front of the best athlete in school. Alyssa pops the little white hallucinogen and wakes up in a dark room. A dark room with Greek letters etched on stone walls. A room in a gigantic labyrinth.

As they traverse chambers based around seasons, Alyssa and her friends realize they’re not alone. People all over the massive labyrinth are running. Hiding. Screaming. Something is hunting people in the depths of the maze. Seeking and killing. With the monster hot on their trail, Alyssa and her friends must navigate the dark corners of the labyrinth for the exit. Only by clearing the labyrinth will Alyssa end the effects of Ambrosia and return home. To safety. To the parents she should have listened to in the first place.

J.E. Cearlock was born in the Land of Lincoln in what his back pain tells him was around the reign of Alexander the Great. He has been writing since the ripe old age of seven, and had written mystery, thriller, and fantasy works that everybody except his mother has enjoyed. Today he lives in La Rochelle, France, a city older than his native country with his wonderful husband and their cat who prefers the title “Milord Stark.” When he is not teaching French students how to pronounce the Dieu-forsaken “H” sound, you can find him crying over his next manuscript, hunting shiny Pokémon, or bingeing the latest anime.

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Re: My short story THE WORD ON THE WALL
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Re: My short story THE WORD ON THE WALL
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That's wonderful news, JEC112.  Congratulations.  And I love the query!