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It’s the Gilded Age of the British Isles. Sassy redhead Athena and her brothers, Antoine and Andre, are traveling acrobats. The ginger trio performs for British royalty; King Thaddeus and his son Prince Trent. During the performance, there’s a failed assassination attempt on Thaddeus. The brothers are framed for the crime. All three siblings are imprisoned in the castle’s basement jail. The boys are soon proven innocent but the paranoid King won’t hear it.
Trent convinces his father to at least let Athena out of jail. But per the King’s decree, Athena must be Trent’s tethered servant. To appease Thaddeus, Athena wears a corset and snaps to Trent’s beck and call. Trent has Athena sleep in his bedroom to protect her. Athena’s insolence to Trent infuriates Thaddeus. Upon seeing Thaddeus’s anger, Trent starves Athena to quell the vexed King. Nonetheless, Athena remains defiant. The pampered Prince and the headstrong acrobat start trading quips, beginning an enemies-to-lovers relationship.
That night, Athena sneaks out of Trent’s bedroom window. She scales the castle wall to her brother’s cell and gives them her hairpins. But the boys fail to pick their locks. Athena sneaks back in. Fearing for her safety, Trent threatens to lock Athena up if she ever disappears again. Athena faints from hunger so Trent gives in and feeds her. Afterward, Athena becomes gravely ill. As Trent nurtures her back to health the two admit their love.
The couple secretly wed with Athena taking vows to obey Trent. After the wedding, Athena refuses to be obedient and runs away. When Trent recaptures Athena, they’re both sexually excited by it. They agree to play S&M games with safewords and Athena uses a pacifier. Two guards witnessed Athena running away and started eavesdropping on the couple.
At dinner, Athena’s surprised with a pacifier as a gift and argues with Trent over it. Thaddeus sees two guards snickering at the couple. Thaddeus investigates and finds out about the secret marriage and S&M games. This excites Thaddeus. Thaddeus had already betrothed Trent to a Spanish Princess. Thaddeus tells Trent that he knows about his secret marriage and convinces Trent to break up with the Princess in person, down in Spain.
After Trent leaves, Thaddeus rapes Athena. All three siblings then fake their deaths and escape. Trent learns what happened and kills Thaddeus. Months later, Trent discovers a very pregnant Athena. Athena gives birth to a boy, Trey. Back at the castle, Trent locks Athena in the bedroom as punishment for leaving. Athena agrees to this with the safewords. The playtime ends when Athena learns of Andre’s nervous breakdown. 
It’s revealed that years earlier, Athena’s father was forcing Athena to marry an old man. So Andre killed their father. Andre’s time in the castle jail re-awakened his guilt over the patricide. Andre’s trapped in a delusional state and is left in a mental institution. Back at home, Trent notices that Trey’s emerging hairline looks like Thaddeus’s balding head. Trent realizes that Thaddeus is Trey’s father.
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