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Hey I am new on the forum and wanted to ask something from more experienced members, if someone could advise me.

When you are looking for an agent, do you mail one and wait for their response, or do you approach the agents you think would be suitable and see if anyone replies.  Any insight would be appreciated.



Hi Dave,

Typically, you send out multiple queries (having researched agents appropriate for your book) and hope that you get request(s). Agents expect you to be querying widely. That said,
it is wise to query in batches (say 5-10) in order to determine whether you have written an effective query letter. If you find you are not getting any requests, it could be your letter needs
work. (or if the agent you query requests initial pages, that could be a potential issue, too) Hope this helps. SB

Thanks for the advice it makes sense.  I have been putting a query list together so I know who I want to target.

I will send out to the first batch, better than just waiting for one reply!!



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