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Hi, everyone,
I'm new to this forum and to the (insert your favourite adjective) world of queries. I'm not exactly new to the world of writing, though. I used to live in Madrid, Spain, where I attended some writing courses, but I never really tried to get anything published or tried to sign up for competitions. Now I live in Belgium, but I write in English. I have finished writing and editing a collection of short stories and I wanted to find someone who'd be interested in publishing it so that other people, beyond unsuspecting relatives and friends, can read it.
I missed the interaction with other writers, so I'm looking forward to participating in this forum.
Take care,

Hi Denis, and welcome to the forum!  I think you'll find it a collegial space.

From what I've heard (as a relative newbie myself), short story collections are a tough sell.  It's certainly true that fewer agents will consider them.  I'd be curious if stories previously published in well-regarded journals have a better shot (because prestige) or worse (because one audience has already seen them)... anyone else know?

In any case, I wish you all the best and hope you find good advice and companionship here, as I have.


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