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Middle Grade Fantasy Query
« on: September 23, 2022, 03:12:15 PM »
A thank you to everyone who critiques this in advance, and if you have a query yourself you'd like me to critique feel free to link me!

EDIT: After receiving my first review I felt a certain plot element was not coming through clearly, so I made some edits to hopefully clear up the confusion :)

Dear blank,

I’m currently seeking representation for my 75,000-word upper middle grade fantasy novel, Bookenders.

Bookenders stars Isabelle Jefferson, an 8th-grade aspiring dancer who dreams of being a social media influencer, no matter how much everyone tells her that’s not a real job. Her dreams are crushed when she accidentally throws a classmate’s novel into a rusty old chalice, which turns out to be a magical relic with the power to release the villain of the novel into Izzy’s world.

But the nightmare quickly turns bizarre when—not only does said villain turn out to be a total heartthrob, and one who seems interested in Izzy— Izzy and her fellow classmates find themselves and their middle school resembling the world of the novel, a novel that just happens to be based on the legend of Camelot. The magic makes Izzy herself start to resemble Morgan le Fay, a sorceress with a power Izzy can barely grasp.

Milo, the name the Mordred-like character gave himself when he entered their world, seems convinced he can help Izzy tap into this power, but Milo has a dark agenda of his own. He seems hell-bent on reenacting his legendary grudge match against King Arthur on one of Izzy’s classmates, and he doesn’t seem to care who gets caught in the crossfire.

Izzy knows she shouldn’t trust him, but Milo says he can make her more powerful and unforgettable than she ever could have dreamed, and isn’t the most important thing in life making your dreams come true?

Bookenders is a great read for fans of the Arthurian legend, and circumvents the reincarnation trope. Fans of series like Camelot Rising by Kiersten White and Story Thieves by James Riley would love Izzy’s story.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

My name :)

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Re: Middle Grade Fantasy Query
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2022, 04:13:15 PM »
Milo is the key to getting everything she ever wanted,

What does that mean at this point in the story? Does she want to be a dancer in Camelot? Do they have social media influencer in Camelot?  Does she want to get back to her past reality?  Wants to get cozy with the villain?

Is it a small novel or a big cup? 

I do like the story - that would be cool if it happened. :)

Please check out my query LIES ON THE SEINE - it’s not a traditional format but I think it works for the story.
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