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Adult Fantasy query review (rewrite)
« on: September 24, 2022, 08:56:33 PM »
I rewrote this query to make it easier to understand, or so I hope. Does it make sense to you? If you only had 8 seconds to read this query, would you be intrigued?

Dear [agent]

“Keep a light on and never stop fighting.” That's what Willow must teach her daughters to protect them from the insidious, shadowy, fear-eating scourge that took over her realm and now seeks to take over another.

Complete at 88,000 words, OUT OF THE DARK is a blend of women’s fiction, horror and contemporary fantasy. This novel checks a few boxes on your MSWL: trauma and healing; speculative horror such as that seen in The Babadook; beautifully flawed characters, and a realistic magic system.

For eighty years, the Fae Realm has been dark and magicless, victim to a curse and the depraved Grim Army. Willow, a fae prisoner, finally escapes and finds refuge with a broken human family in the rural Texas hill country, growing to love that family, and the family growing out of that love.

Willow can’t outrun her homeland’s curse forever, though. The Grim General hunts her down and drags her away from her new family, back to the dark prison, the constant terror, the fear-eating monsters. Hope comes in the form of Willow’s daughters: one struggling to cope with crushing distrust and the other victim to an inherited and destructive power she struggles to control. They are joined by two cocky fae shifters, Willow’s long-time allies. In a race against the Grim Army, this family will have to fight fear with fire if they’re to break the curse and stitch their family back together.

This novel should appeal to fans of Holly Black, THE BROKEN EARTH TRILOGY, and THE BOOK EATERS.

I am a married mother of two, a lab supervisor at a cancer clinic, and a new author.

Thank you for all you do,

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