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Bookenders- Middle Grade Fantasy
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 Izzy Jefferson’s plans for 8th grade involve getting good enough grades to keep from being grounded, or worse losing her smartphone, and finally getting someone from the in crowd to notice her. Instead she manages to get herself and four other students, including her best friend Jenny, stuck doing community service on a Saturday.

She could have come back from that, but when a fight over a rusty chalice and a flying Young Adult Fantasy novel leads to the novel's heartthrob teen antagonist being released into Izzy's world, her plans for 8th grade seem to be ruined forever. To make matters worse, said fantasy novel was based on the legend of Camelot, and now Izzy's middle school is beginning to resemble the mythic tale.

 The one silver lining is Milo, the name the Mordred-like fictional character turned hot British exchange student gave himself when he entered her world. He seems interested in Izzy, especially when she starts resembling the powerful Sorceress, Morgan le Fay.

As another student starts resembling King Arthur, Milo sees an opportunity to destroy his legendary rival, and anyone who stands in his way. Milo's considerable power in this world makes him almost unbeatable. Izzy and her classmates think they've caught a break when Izzy's psychic powers let them predict Milo's next move, only to discover Milo's enchanted their rival basketball team to destroy Justin during their upcoming game, literally.

Their combined magical gifts are barely enough to protect Justin, until Izzy realizes she has magic similar to Milo’s and uses it to save Justin. Milo then offers to teach her how to use her magic and she agrees, though she keeps it secret from the others. They are still hellbent on sending Milo back, even though he swears he wants a truce. When Justin is injured fighting a mythical beast the other's believe Milo summoned, they decide it's the final straw. Another one of Izzy's classmate’s challenges Milo to a duel, and Milo only wins because Izzy intercedes on his behalf.

The others are furious at Izzy, and the rift only widens when Jenny uses her gifts to try to charm Milo into revealing the secret to sending him back. When a rumor spreads around the school that destroys her friends' reputation and they blame Milo, Izzy severs ties with them completely. When Milo finds out she's chosen his side, he reveals the magic that will finally let her become perfect. The magic makes Izzy’s wildest dreams come true, but Milo doesn’t tell her the magic came at a price. She traded her dreams for Justin’s. When she tries to get Milo to undo the spell, her breaks the Chalice, removing the magic he’d brought into their world.

Overcome with guilt and loneliness, Izzy finally delves headfirst into the legend. To her surprise, she finds herself falling in love with her lost alter ego, Morgan le Fay, and the other characters of the story. She also realizes Milo's weakness, and convinces the others to team up for one last try at defeating him.

Even though they’ve lost their connection to the story, they manage to use their own innate gifts to restore the chalice, and use that to lure Milo to them. When Milo comes to claim the chalice again, he brings half the school with him. The others distract Milo’s brainwashed minions, leaving Izzy alone with Milo. She gives him a chance to break free of the destiny the legend’s thrust upon him, but he refuses. By refusing, he admits he cannot complete his destiny away from the real Arthur and Camelot. His destiny claims him, and he is sucked back into the world of the book.

Izzy can’t undo all the damage she did to Justin and the others, but she vows to try anyway. In doing so she finally earns their forgiveness, and their friendship.