Author Topic: Should I bother making a website?  (Read 410 times)

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Should I bother making a website?
« on: December 05, 2022, 01:53:19 PM »
Cheers folks! As someone who's finished a fiction manuscript and is delving into the agenting world, the details about an author's platform have me a little kerfuffled. Creating a website is the most recent brain-twister. The idea behind having one would be to show to agents that I'm a serious author who's willing to go a mile or two for some marketing. Problem is, if I were to make one, it would look something like this:
1: A section about my books (of which I have none) 
2: A media section, where one could download author photos, book covers, and find links to media coverage on me (except I have no photos, no books to put a cover on and not a whiff of media coverage for possibly eternity)
3: A mailing list signup to receive news about new releases (even if I have nothing to release and won't have any until an agent picks up my manuscript)
4: A little contact information for fans and others who might wanna contact me (though they have no reason to do so because I have no content that they might be fans of)

There would be some other stuff of course, like an author bio, but you see the problem here, right? Until I have something to market, there's nothing to put on the website. Would an agent be impressed anyway? Or are my energies better spent elsewhere?

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Re: Should I bother making a website?
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2022, 10:37:22 PM »
Was told to make one by an agent, and I asked the exact same questions. What sort of lame website would I make at this beginning stage? Who would care?

But I was told that an authors website will:

  • Have more indepth information about my story, plus pictures that might go with the mood
  • Have a better bio than the small blurb of a query.
  • Have a blog, where I can demonstrate my ability to write more than one story. The blog seems to be the most important part. Write something. Anything. Show you can be a professional writer by taking the time to do it often.

Being that I'm in a creative industry, I took the opportunity to make a portfolio, as well. Perhaps you have something else you'd like to showcase?
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