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APPLE query
« on: June 27, 2009, 04:23:10 AM »
Dear Literary Agent:

Adam James, an insurance agent in an Appalachian coal town, whose wife walked out on him to be a hot-shot literary agent in The Big Apple, would like nothing more than a 20-year old replacement to raise his three kids, cook and clean for him, and crawl under the bed for his socks. When he sees a travel brochure of a cute young thing selling apples in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, he drives up to Portland, Maine, and takes the car ferry to guess where.

Little does he know that he is arriving just in time for the Not Since Moses Race in the massive Bay of Fundy. (No doubt, as a literary agent in a sinful city, you know a H*ll of a lot more about bars than the Bible, so I should tell you that the race is named after the event where God parts the Red Sea to let the Israelites follow Moses to freedom. The pursuing Egyptians get swallowed up by the sea. Yum!) Race participants, starting at low tide, must complete a run along the ocean floor around 5 islands in the Bay of Fundy, which separates the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, before the 45-foot tide returns to swallow them up.

Though it’s not yet picking time for apples in the Annapolis Valley, Adam cruises up the Fundy shoreline, rubbernecking every farm stand in search of this woman, hoping she’s selling asparagus or some other early crop. He drives for hours before getting a motel room. In the morning, hoping to impress the apple of his eye as a reliable breadwinner, he dresses again in a suit and tie and wing-tipped leather shoes. Following a crowd to the beach, he spots the apple of his eye in shorts and a tank top, her sneakered feet ready to set out for this goofy 10k race. Adam takes the place of a runner who just happens to drop out. The woman gets quite a head start.

Now take a look at this e-map of the race so you can follow this.
Follow the moving purple dot--not the blue one--and note where the race course loops around the outermost island and crosses back over itself. It’s at that point that Adam, approaching the last island, smacks hard into some rude guy who just keeps on running. Guess who comes running toward him while he’s trying to extricate his sorry ass from the soupy sand. “Hi!” she says, offering Adam an apple from her fanny pack. “I’m Eve. May I help you?”

Will Adam take the apple?

HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES is a 100,000 word literary novel that I’m sure you’ll love. I look forward to hearing from you.

[Not sure whether to admit this to you QT-ers, but I think I just cajoled myself into writing this book. I’m going to watch that race tomorrow. Will the magic linger, or will my brain revert to its mundane pumpkin shape?]

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Re: APPLE query
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I hope he does take it.  Then it will become "Adam's Apple."

Hahahaha :rof3: