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A Quarry Letter...
« on: February 18, 2010, 04:35:26 PM »
Dear Agent:

I am quarrying you about my YA rural fantasy, The Cereal Killer Click. Sonny wants to fit in at her new school, even more than she loves buying new pears of shoes. So when the most popular girl at school, Flour, suddenly starts showing interest in her, Sonny's happiness can't be contained with a damn.

But before long, Sonny discovers things with her new group of friends aren't what they seam. They always have lots of doe- though none of them are from wealthy families- and when Sonny discovers blood stained clothes in the trunk of Flour's car, doubts begin to pane her. Especially when she learns that several rich people in the community have been murdered.

She goes to the local police, but they pay no he'd to her suspicions, not while their are donuts to be eight. But things get personnel when Sonny finds evidence that the steaks have just been raised- her own dear(rich) Ante Gene is the next to be sleighed. It's time to fight or flea, and soon the fir will be flying, because this won't be a fight for the feint.

P.S.- Anyone who might be a law officer, or have family in this profession, please don't think that I think they just sit around munching on donuts! I don't, promise! They're community heroes!  :clap:

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Re: A Quarry Letter...
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better than some I've seen

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Re: A Quarry Letter...
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Haaa...and spell check won't ever sniff the majority of these bubus out.
May your words live forever.