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Funny round people above the post box

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If I knew something about computers, I would be dangerous.

How do you put those funny little faces in a post. Like the clapping hands, the smiley face, etc.

It must be magic or something. I've pushed every button on my computer. All I get is trouble, and the occasional reboot.

Thanks for your help.

Miss Java:
In the toolbar where you write your message.  Just  click on the smilies you see right above where you type.


There is a button next to the others that says more.  You can click on that for more smilies.

All you have to do is single click the face you want.  When you do, you won't see it in your post right away, that might be what is confusing you.  You will only see a code which represents the face, like : ) or :grin:.

Press "Preview" to see the real faces, or press "Post" when you are done and you will see the real faces then.

You can click "[more]" and a new page will appear with even more smiley faces.  Single click any of those you want, then close that window to get back to your post.


Miss Java:
I was really excited when I saw this one:

 :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

You know how long I have been looking for some sort of "cabbage patch" icon?

Anyhow....a great smilie for those who are from the 80s.

Miss Java, you are so easily pleased. :dance: :dance: :dance:


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