Author Topic: Form rejection or restraining order?  (Read 1677 times)

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Form rejection or restraining order?
« on: April 21, 2010, 07:17:05 PM »
Dear agent whatever the hell your name is,

   Look, let’s get down to it ok?  Yes, all the other stupid agents have said no to this, or refused my calls or in some cases took out restraining orders, but you’re going to be different.  I just know you are!!
   My fiction novel (It’s fiction cuz its made up, see?) is pretty much done, except maybe for a few last notes and additions.  Right now, it’s running at 769,843,987,023 and ½ words, most of which are spelt more or less correctly.  So as you cans see, it would be worth someone to pay for this thing!!
   What’s the story about?  Mostly it’s the crazy ramblings of a talking wombat that has escaped the clutches of a evil squirrel who is searching 4 the cue to a disease that makes the tails fall off of all the cute a cudddely critters in them thar woods.  There is also a love interest of a blind turtle, who is shy and needs to come out of her shell!(Get it?  That’s what we aurther typs like to call humar!)
   So just let me know when I can drop this sucka off!  I need to borrow my brother in laws pick up truck to get it there.  (You do validate parking, right?)  so give me a jingle.  (Just nots too early cuz I like to sleep in and not too late cuz Ma hates when I get calls after 7.   If you wanna stop by and get it yourself, that cool.  Mom makes a great grilled cheese!  Just call 1st!
Thanks a bunch
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