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Miss Java:
Is there anyway to tell who gave you Karma?

I got another point, and I don't know where it came from.

Darn you Java, you would ask that.  I think there is a way, but it's not easy, that's why I haven't put it in yet.  But now I'll have to try harder.  Let me do some research and get back to you.

OK, I found something that might work, but there is a problem with it.  Other forums that have implemented it say that it caused nothing but trouble.  There were a lot of arguments whenever someone gave negative karma (smiting).  I'm sure we won't have a lot of people running around smiting each other, but you never know...  To avoid the arguments which could arise, I'm thinking we just leave it the way it is.  If you give someone karma, you should drop them a message and tell them why.  How does that sound? (and no fair giving out lots of karma just so you can get your post count up.)

You can say something like this:
Miss Java, I give you one karma point for asking a good question.

See, it's easy.

I got karma—from Miss Java. Now how do I give it? (Got some karma for YOU, Patrick!)  ;D

Save your karma for others who deserve it, but thanks for the offer.  To give karma points, go to a post of theirs and look under their name on the left of the screen.  You will see "Karma" and "[applaud]/[smite]"  Click applaud for positive and smite for negative.


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