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Yeah, man, yeah
« on: May 14, 2010, 07:50:26 AM »
A cd arrives in the mail. Puzzled, the agent pops it into her cd player...

*groovy beatnik bongo drums*

*A breathy, male voice starts to "sing-speak"*

So this guy
he shuns the light
he's a mess of dark and stale coffee

he hits a dealer of dreams
with his motor machine
and steals his weed and flys away

into the arms of the cop.
Yeah, man, yeah.
Yeah, man, yeah.

And she's a mess of dark and coffee too
And so so blue
But he goes to jail
She can't make bail.

He gets the chair.
And she's still there.

Publish my novel.
Yeah, man, yeah.
Publish my novel.
My e-mail address is

*fifteen minute drum solo, during which the singer plays random notes on a flute*

jivebabyjive@hotmaildot... dot... dot...

*drums fade out*

com... com... com... com... com...

Yeah, man, yeah.