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Re: Firebrand Trouble
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I queried Nadia Cornier at Firebrand last July and received a response from Ted Malawer in August, very enthusiastic about my novel - he asked for the whole mss.  This, despite the fact their website then underwent a subtle change to eliminate any mention of adult fiction, which it had when I first queried (it's all YA now).  In September, he wrote to say I was a fantastic writer, blah blah and would be hearing from me soon.  In November, when I gently inquired as to status, he said he would like me to make some changes (rather vague about what, but I think I understood) so I did and sent him back the mss with changes.  Have not heard from him since!  I have sent a short email about every six-eight weeks, no response.  Very odd.  But I've moved on and now have three other agents looking at the first 50 pp! (Thanks, QueryTracker for the agents' names!)