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Literary agents on YouTube
« on: August 25, 2010, 06:34:32 AM »
I typed "literary agent" (using the quotation marks) on

and found both writers discussing how to get an agent, etc., but also quite a few videos with the agents themselves talking.
Some, like Nathan Bransford, have popular blogs familiar to QT-ers here.

What was more interesting to me than the information imparted was the agents' personalities that came through in these videos. I found myself asking, if offered an opportunity to work with this agent, would I get along with this person? Can't tell for sure from a short video. Still, it's information that could supplement a phone call to discuss an offer of representation. Some rub me the wrong way just from a video, so I wouldn't even submit a manuscript to such an agent in the first place.

A positive and comfortable working relationship would be very important to me, so for me, these video clips are a useful resource in checking out agents.