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Query for book about Obi
« on: September 03, 2010, 07:28:51 PM »
Dear Agent:

I’m writing to you because your list of books sold shows that you’ll represent anything that sells like mad, even if it sucks as literature.

When Obi Quiet takes to the streets, residents dive behind hedges and stuff themselves into doghouses to avoid his blather. But one summer day he sets out for a neighborly chat only to find himself looking down the barrel of a shotgun.

The shotgun is held by none other than his own mother who is terminally ill and who’d like to do one, just one, decent thing for humanity before she dies. She demands Obi’s cell phone so he can’t call for help. At least seven people, peeking through branches and flea-infested clapboards, are watching this, but will any of them call 911?

OH, GIVE ME A PHONE is a 90,000-word novel of life in small-town America. I’d be happy to offer you an exclusive on a full.



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Re: Query for book about Obi
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Actually, that sounds like a pretty good story. Bet you weren't expecting that!