Author Topic: Looking for beta reader/crit partner - medical thriller  (Read 1809 times)

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Looking for beta reader/crit partner - medical thriller
« on: April 19, 2011, 07:15:34 PM »
I'd like to get another beta reader or critique partner, as I've only had a few non-family members read my ms.  Anyone interested?  Mine is a 66,000 word medical thriller.  Query is in the query review forum.  TIA!

eta:  Here's the query.   

When Brett Powell accepts a position as Greenwood’s newest emergency room doctor, the last thing she's expecting is an old friend to be wheeled in -- dead, tortured by gruesome medical procedures. One week ago they were laughing about life post-residency. Now she knows her friend was the victim of a serial killer who has a very specific target -- female physicians.  As she searches for answers, she discovers that her life isn’t the only life on the line.

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