Author Topic: Has anyone ever used Anita Bartholomew or another professional editor  (Read 2529 times)

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I was Googling around for agents when I discovered this page:

"Virtually every author, no matter how talented, can benefit from a detailed, unbiased manuscript critique by a good developmental editor"

To me, this seems like a valuable service.  Her experience and standing in the industry seems pretty legit.

I've been using friends of mine who are readers as guinea pigs up until now, but I wonder if Anita could really help me take it to the next level, and get some requests for fulls instead of form rejections and no shows.

Has anyone here ever used her or someone like her?  What were your experiences like?

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Tread very carefully. I take it this is a non-fiction book proposal you're working on? (Nowhere in her credits does it suggest she would work with fiction, so I hope you're not considering her if this is the case)

If it's non-fiction, then you can get an agent or publishing deal with a strong proposal and a few sample chapters, so I'm not sure how helpful this woman would be. If you're not the strongest writer in the world, but you have a great idea, great research, and other assets, then I wouldn't be _completely_ opposed to working with a professional editor, I would just strongly discourage it.

In any event, you'd be agreeing to pay a person to do what is essentially your job, with zero guarantee of remuneration afterwards. If she's such a great writer, then why isn't she writing? And if you want to be a writer, why would you pay someone else to do your job for you? If your work is in such poor shape that you need to pay someone else just to get an agent to look at it, then how do you imagine you're going to get published? And then isn't the agent looking at her work, not yours?

Why not find a beta reader on this forum? There are people out there who will swap manuscripts with you free of charge, who have just as many, if not more credits, than this woman. If you're willing to do a little critiquing and reading of someone else's work (which can only make you better as a writer) then you'll find critical partners who can help you a lot. For free.

Short answer: if this is a great non-fiction book proposal, maybe just a tiny bit, but probably not. Anything else: no way.

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It's fiction, but she works with fiction and has written novels. 

Don't misunderstand, I'm not hiring her to rewrite my book for me.

I've had several readers.  I found their input helpful and I've done revisions based on their suggestions that I believe improved the work.  I feel like the quality of the manuscript is pretty high, and yet I'm not even getting nibbles from agents.

I feel like I've hit a wall with the resources I have, and this is a way to, essentially, pay for the feedback the agents who are sending me form rejections aren't giving me.

It's not an ideal situation, but I take my book very seriously, and I'm willing to pay for information that will help me get it where it needs to be.

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hey 7string, I pm'd you. :)
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I remember seeing her name in one of the Writer's Digest issues. So I'm guessing she is legit.
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