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Johnson & Alcock Ltd
Anna Power     @ Johnson & Alcock Ltd
Ed Wilson     @ Johnson & Alcock Ltd
Jonathan Clowes Ltd
Jonathan Pegg     @ Jonathan Pegg Literary Agency
Jud Laghi     @ Jud Laghi Agency
Judith Chilcote Agency
Judith Ehrlich     @ Judith Ehrlich Literary Management
Martha Hoffman     @ Judith Ehrlich Literary Management
Sophia Seidner     @ Judith Ehrlich Literary Management
Judith Murdoch Literary Agency
Judith Riven     @ Judith Riven Literary Agency
Judy Daish Associates Ltd
Ginger Curwen     @ Julia Lord Literary Management
Julia Lord     @ Julia Lord Literary Management
Juri Gabriel
Karen Gantz Zahler     @ Karen Gantz Zahler Literary Agency
Kate Garrick     @ Karpfinger Agency
Barney Karpfinger     @ Karpfinger Agency
Kate Hordern     @ Kate Hordern Literary Agency
Kathi Paton     @ Kathi J. Paton Literary Agency
Kathryn Green     @ Kathryn Green Literary Agency
Ken Sherman     @ Ken Sherman & Associates
Lisa Abellera     @ Kimberley Cameron & Associates
Kimberley Cameron     @ Kimberley Cameron & Associates
Amy Cloughley     @ Kimberley Cameron & Associates
Elizabeth Kracht     @ Kimberley Cameron & Associates
Douglas Lee     @ Kimberley Cameron & Associates
Pooja Menon     @ Kimberley Cameron & Associates
Mary C. Moore     @ Kimberley Cameron & Associates
Kirsten Manges     @ Kirsten Manges Literary
Judy Klein     @ Kleinworks Agency
Richard Knapp     @ Knapp Talent & Literary, LLC
Lucy Cleland     @ Kneerim & Williams
Katherine Flynn     @ Kneerim & Williams
Emma Hamilton     @ Kneerim & Williams
Jill Kneerim     @ Kneerim & Williams
Ike Williams     @ Kneerim & Williams
Hannah Fergesen     @ KT Literary
Sara Megibow     @ KT Literary
Renee Nyen     @ KT Literary
Kate Schafer Testerman     @ KT Literary
Kae Tienstra     @ KT Public Relations & Literary Services
Michelle Brower     @ Kuhn Projects LLC
David Kuhn     @ Kuhn Projects LLC
Albert Lee     @ Kuhn Projects LLC
Sarah Levitt     @ Kuhn Projects LLC
William LoTurco     @ Kuhn Projects LLC
Kate Mack     @ Kuhn Projects LLC
Nate Muscato     @ Kuhn Projects LLC
Laura Nolan     @ Kuhn Projects LLC
Lauren Sharp     @ Kuhn Projects LLC
Becky Sweren     @ Kuhn Projects LLC
Tish Beaty     @ L. Perkins Agency
Rachel Brooks     @ L. Perkins Agency
Ben Grange     @ L. Perkins Agency
Leon Husock     @ L. Perkins Agency
Sandy Lu     @ L. Perkins Agency
Lori Perkins     @ L. Perkins Agency
Latoya Smith     @ L. Perkins Agency
Maximilian Ximenez     @ L. Perkins Agency
Labour & Management Ltd
Larry Weissman     @ Larry Weissman Literary, LLC
Michael Larsen     @ Larsen Pomada Literary Agency
Elizabeth Pomada     @ Larsen Pomada Literary Agency
David Fugate     @ Launchbooks Literary Agency
Laura Cecil     @ Laura Cecil
Laura Dail     @ Laura Dail Literary Agency, Inc.
Elana Roth Parker     @ Laura Dail Literary Agency, Inc.
Tamar Rydzinski     @ Laura Dail Literary Agency, Inc.
Laura Gross     @ Laura Gross Literary Agency
Laura Langlie     @ Laura Langlie Agency
Laura Morris Literary Agency
Laurence Fitch Ltd
Lavinia Trevor
LAW Ltd (Lucas Alexander Whitley)
Philippa Milnes-Smith     @ LAW Ltd (Lucas Alexander Whitley)
LBLA (Lorella Belli Literary Agency)
Leigh Feldman     @ Leigh Feldman Literary

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