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Louise Greenberg Books Ltd
Barbara Lowenstein     @ Lowenstein Associates
Mary South     @ Lowenstein Associates
Lucinda Blumenfeld     @ Lucinda Literary
Connor Eck     @ Lucinda Literary
Lucy Luck Associates
Luigi Bonomi     @ Luigi Bonomi Associates Ltd
Louise Lamont     @ Luigi Bonomi Associates Ltd
Amanda Preston     @ Luigi Bonomi Associates Ltd
Danielle Zigner     @ Luigi Bonomi Associates Ltd
Noah Lukeman     @ Lukeman Literary Management Ltd
Danielle Smith     @ Lupine Grove Creative
Lutyens & Rubinstein
Lynn Franklin     @ Lynn C. Franklin Associates, Ltd.
Lynn Johnston     @ Lynn Johnston Literary
Lynne Rabinoff     @ Lynne Rabinoff Associates
Amanda Luedeke     @ MacGregor Literary
Chip MacGregor     @ MacGregor Literary
Brian Tibbetts     @ MacGregor Literary
Maggie Noach Literary Agency
Maggie Pearlstine Associates Ltd
Malaga Baldi     @ Malaga Baldi Literary Agency
Jean Sagendorph     @ Mansion Street Literary Management
Michelle Witte     @ Mansion Street Literary Management
Jillian Manus     @ Manus & Associates Literary Agency
Jandy Nelson     @ Manus & Associates Literary Agency
Penny Nelson     @ Manus & Associates Literary Agency
Janet Wilkens Manus     @ Manus & Associates Literary Agency
Manuscript ReSearch
Marcia Amsterdam     @ Marcia Amsterdam Agency
Margaret Hanbury
Margaret Kennedy     @ Margaret Kennedy Agency
Faye Atchison     @ Margret McBride Literary Agency
Margret McBride     @ Margret McBride Literary Agency
Maria Carvainis     @ Maria Carvainis Agency, Inc.
Elizabeth Copps     @ Maria Carvainis Agency, Inc.
Marianne Strong     @ Marianne Strong Literary Agency
Marie Brown     @ Marie Brown Associates
Diana Beaumont     @ Marjacq Scripts
Georgie Bouz     @ Marjacq Scripts
Philip Patterson     @ Marjacq Scripts
Imogen Pelham     @ Marjacq Scripts
Catherine Pellegrino     @ Marjacq Scripts
Sandra Sawicka     @ Marjacq Scripts
Jacqueline LeDonne     @ Marly Rusoff & Associates
Marly Rusoff     @ Marly Rusoff & Associates
Shannon Hassan     @ Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC
Kevan Lyon     @ Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC
Jill Marsal     @ Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC
Patricia Nelson     @ Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC
Deborah Ritchken     @ Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC
Michelle Humphrey     @ Martha Kaplan Agency
Adria Goetz     @ Martin Literary Management
Clelia Gore     @ Martin Literary Management
Sharlene Martin     @ Martin Literary Management
Martinez Literary Agency
Mary Clemmey Literary Agency
Mary Evans     @ Mary Evans, Inc.
Julia Kardon     @ Mary Evans, Inc.
Tom Mackay     @ Mary Evans, Inc.
Stephanie Abou     @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Jason Anthony     @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Ethan Bassoff     @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Laney Becker     @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Maria Massie     @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Rob McQuilkin     @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Rayhane Sanders     @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Julie Stevenson     @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Lexi Wangler     @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Renee Zuckerbrot     @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Michael Murphy     @ Max & Co.
Anne Devlin     @ Max Gartenberg Literary Agency
Will Devlin     @ Max Gartenberg Literary Agency
Max Gartenberg     @ Max Gartenberg Literary Agency
Maxine Groffsky     @ Maxine Groffsky Literary Agency
MayerBenham Ltd.
MBA Literary Agents Ltd
Bridget McCarthy     @ McCormick Literary
David McCormick     @ McCormick Literary
Daniel Menaker     @ McCormick Literary

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