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Linda Konner     @ Linda Konner Literary Agency
Linda Roghaar     @ Linda Roghaar Literary Agency
Becky Bagnell     @ Lindsay Literary Agency
Jen Linnan     @ Linnan Literary Management LLC
Lisa Hagan     @ Lisa Hagan Literary
Muriel Nellis     @ Literary and Creative Artists, Inc.
Sam Fleishman     @ Literary Artists Representatives
Frances Black     @ Literary Counsel
Jordan Breindel     @ Literary Counsel
Jacqueline Hackett     @ Literary Works, LLC
Caitlin Blasdell     @ Liza Dawson Associates
Hannah Bowman     @ Liza Dawson Associates
Havis Dawson     @ Liza Dawson Associates
Liza Dawson     @ Liza Dawson Associates
Caitie Flum     @ Liza Dawson Associates
Tom Miller     @ Liza Dawson Associates
Liza Fleissig     @ Liza Royce Agency, LLC
Ginger Harris-Dontzin     @ Liza Royce Agency, LLC
Lori Kilkelly     @ LK Literary Agency
Lauren Galit     @ LKG Agency
Caitlen Rubino-Bradway     @ LKG Agency
London Independent Books
Lorella Belli     @ Lorella Belli Literary Agency
Nick Mullendore     @ Loretta Barrett Books, Inc.
William LoTurco     @ LoTurco Literary
Priya Doraswamy     @ Lotus Lane Literary
Louise Greenberg Books Ltd
Ronald Gerber     @ Lowenstein Associates
Barbara Lowenstein     @ Lowenstein Associates
Mary South     @ Lowenstein Associates
Lucinda Blumenfeld     @ Lucinda Literary
Connor Eck     @ Lucinda Literary
Luigi Bonomi     @ Luigi Bonomi Associates Ltd
Louise Lamont     @ Luigi Bonomi Associates Ltd
Amanda Preston     @ Luigi Bonomi Associates Ltd
Noah Lukeman     @ Lukeman Literary Management Ltd
Lutyens & Rubinstein
Lynn Franklin     @ Lynn C. Franklin Associates, Ltd.
Lynn Johnston     @ Lynn Johnston Literary
Lynne Rabinoff     @ Lynne Rabinoff Associates
Amanda Luedeke     @ MacGregor & Luedeke Literary
Chip MacGregor     @ MacGregor & Luedeke Literary
Rachel Crawford     @ Mackenzie Wolf Literary
Leigh Eisenman     @ Mackenzie Wolf Literary
Kate Johnson     @ Mackenzie Wolf Literary
Gillian MacKenzie     @ Mackenzie Wolf Literary
Elizabeth Rudnick     @ Mackenzie Wolf Literary
Kirsten Wolf     @ Mackenzie Wolf Literary
Maggie Pearlstine Associates Ltd
Malaga Baldi     @ Malaga Baldi Literary Agency
Jean Sagendorph     @ Mansion Street Literary Management
Michelle Witte     @ Mansion Street Literary Management
Marcia Amsterdam     @ Marcia Amsterdam Agency
Denise Marcil     @ Marcil O'Farrell Literary
Anne Marie O'Farrell     @ Marcil O'Farrell Literary
Margaret Hanbury
Margaret Kennedy     @ Margaret Kennedy Agency
Faye Atchison     @ Margret McBride Literary Agency
Margret McBride     @ Margret McBride Literary Agency
Maria Carvainis     @ Maria Carvainis Agency, Inc.
Elizabeth Copps     @ Maria Carvainis Agency, Inc.
Marianne Strong     @ Marianne Strong Literary Agency
Marie Brown     @ Marie Brown Associates
Diana Beaumont     @ Marjacq Scripts
Leah Middleton     @ Marjacq Scripts
Philip Patterson     @ Marjacq Scripts
Imogen Pelham     @ Marjacq Scripts
Catherine Pellegrino     @ Marjacq Scripts
Sandra Sawicka     @ Marjacq Scripts
Jacqueline LeDonne     @ Marly Rusoff & Associates
Marly Rusoff     @ Marly Rusoff & Associates
Shannon Hassan     @ Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC
Kevan Lyon     @ Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC
Jill Marsal     @ Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC
Patricia Nelson     @ Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC
Deborah Ritchken     @ Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC
Michelle Humphrey     @ Martha Kaplan Agency
Adria Goetz     @ Martin Literary Management
Clelia Gore     @ Martin Literary Management
Natalie Grazian     @ Martin Literary Management

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