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Sera Rivers     @ Martin Literary Management
Mary Evans     @ Mary Evans, Inc.
Leslie Meredith     @ Mary Evans, Inc.
Stephanie Abou     @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Elias Altman     @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Jason Anthony     @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Maria Massie     @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Rob McQuilkin     @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Neil Olson     @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Sandra Pareja     @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Rayhane Sanders     @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Julie Stevenson     @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Lane Zachary     @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Renee Zuckerbrot     @ Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents
Michael Murphy     @ Max & Co.
Anne Devlin     @ Max Gartenberg Literary Agency
Will Devlin     @ Max Gartenberg Literary Agency
Max Gartenberg     @ Max Gartenberg Literary Agency
Maxine Groffsky     @ Maxine Groffsky Literary Agency
Sophie Gorell Barnes     @ MBA Literary Agents Ltd
Susan Smith     @ MBA Literary Agents Ltd
Bridget McCarthy     @ McCormick Literary
David McCormick     @ McCormick Literary
Edward Orloff     @ McCormick Literary
James McGinniss     @ McGinniss Associates
Barry Zucker     @ McGinniss Associates
Christa Heschke     @ McIntosh & Otis, Inc.
Adam Muhlig     @ McIntosh & Otis, Inc.
Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein     @ McIntosh & Otis, Inc.
Devin McIntyre     @ McKinnon Literary
Tanya McKinnon     @ McKinnon Literary
Julie May     @ Media Motion International
Melanie Jackson     @ Melanie Jackson Agency
Scott Andrew Mendel     @ Mendel Media Group, LLC
Meredith Bernstein     @ Meredith Bernstein Literary Agency
Amy Moore-Benson     @ Meridian Artists
Amy Brewer     @ Metamorphosis Literary Agency
Erica Christensen     @ Metamorphosis Literary Agency
Jana Hanson     @ Metamorphosis Literary Agency
Jessica Reino     @ Metamorphosis Literary Agency
Katie Salvo     @ Metamorphosis Literary Agency
Kristina Slater     @ Metamorphosis Literary Agency
Mic Cheetham     @ Mic Cheetham Literary Agency
Simon Kavanagh     @ Mic Cheetham Literary Agency
Micheline Steinberg     @ Micheline Steinberg Associates
Michelle Kass     @ Michelle Kass Associates
Victoria Birkett     @ Miles Stott Children’s Literary Agency
Nancy Miles     @ Miles Stott Children’s Literary Agency
Mandy Suhr     @ Miles Stott Children’s Literary Agency
Jerome Henry Rudes     @ Mistral Artist Management
Ivan Mulcahy     @ MMB Creative
Sallyanne Sweeney     @ MMB Creative
Adam Chromy     @ Movable Type Management
Deirdre Mullane     @ Mullane Literary
Liza DeBlock     @ Mushens Entertainment
Sile Edwards     @ Mushens Entertainment
Juliet Mushens     @ Mushens Entertainment
Eric Myers     @ Myers Literary Management
Nancy Stauffer Cahoon     @ Nancy Stauffer Associates
Christina Miller     @ Nancy Yost Literary Agency
Natanya Wheeler     @ Nancy Yost Literary Agency
Nancy Yost     @ Nancy Yost Literary Agency
Sarah Younger     @ Nancy Yost Literary Agency
Athena Kern     @ Natasha Kern Literary Agency
Natasha Kern     @ Natasha Kern Literary Agency
Joanna MacKenzie     @ Nelson Literary Agency, LLC
Kristin Nelson     @ Nelson Literary Agency, LLC
Quressa Robinson     @ Nelson Literary Agency, LLC
Anna Sproul-Latimer     @ Neon Literary
Kent Wolf     @ Neon Literary
Patrice Caldwell     @ New Leaf Literary & Media
Jordan Hamessley     @ New Leaf Literary & Media
Stephanie Kim     @ New Leaf Literary & Media
Janna Morishima     @ New Leaf Literary & Media
Kathleen Ortiz     @ New Leaf Literary & Media
J. L. Stermer     @ New Leaf Literary & Media
Suzie Townsend     @ New Leaf Literary & Media
Joanna Volpe     @ New Leaf Literary & Media
Nicholas Ellison     @ Nicholas Ellison Agency
Diane Banks     @ Northbank Talent Management

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