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Anna Olswanger     @ Olswanger Literary
Tara Gelsomino     @ One Track Literary Agency
Kurestin Armada     @ P.S. Literary Agency
Curtis Russell     @ P.S. Literary Agency
Eric Smith     @ P.S. Literary Agency
Maria Vicente     @ P.S. Literary Agency
Carly Watters     @ P.S. Literary Agency
Claire Easton     @ Painted Words
Lori Nowicki     @ Painted Words
Alyssa Reuben     @ Paradigm Agency
Jaidree Braddix     @ Park & Fine Literary and Media
Celeste Fine     @ Park & Fine Literary and Media
Peter Knapp     @ Park & Fine Literary and Media
Abigail Koons     @ Park & Fine Literary and Media
John Maas     @ Park & Fine Literary and Media
Theresa Park     @ Park & Fine Literary and Media
Sarah Passick     @ Park & Fine Literary and Media
Paterson Marsh Ltd
Patricia Moosbrugger     @ Patricia Moosbrugger Literary Agency
Patricia Van der Leun     @ Patricia van der Leun Literary Agency
Paul Fedorko     @ Paul Fedorko Agency
Loren Grossman     @ Paul S. Levine Literary Agent
Paul Levine     @ Paul S. Levine Literary Agent
Anne Bohner     @ Pen and Ink Literary
Peter Knight Agency
Andrew Lampack     @ Peter Lampack Agency
Nelle Andrew     @ Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Adam Gauntlett     @ Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Caroline Michel     @ Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Silvia Molteni     @ Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Marilia Savvides     @ Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Jonathan Sissons     @ Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Lukas Ortiz     @ Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agency
Philip Spitzer     @ Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agency
Robert Thixton     @ Pinder Lane & Garon-Brooke Associates, Ltd
Sara Crowe     @ Pippin Properties, Inc.
Elena Giovinazzo     @ Pippin Properties, Inc.
Larissa Helena     @ Pippin Properties, Inc.
Holly McGhee     @ Pippin Properties, Inc.
Pollinger Ltd
Rachel Orr     @ Prospect Agency
Ann Rose     @ Prospect Agency
Emma Sector     @ Prospect Agency
Emily Sylvan Kim     @ Prospect Agency
Donna Bagdasarian     @ Publication Riot Group
Puttick Agency
PVA Management Ltd
Lisa Queen     @ Queen Literary Agency
Rachel Mills     @ Rachel Mills Literary
Radala & Associates
Jamie Vankirk     @ Rainbow Nerds
Keith Korman     @ Raines & Raines
Joan Raines     @ Raines & Raines
Brandie Coonis     @ Rebecca Friedman Literary Agency
Rebecca Friedman     @ Rebecca Friedman Literary Agency
Abby Schulman     @ Rebecca Friedman Literary Agency
Stephanie Fretwell-Hill     @ Red Fox Literary
Karen Grencik     @ Red Fox Literary
Jennie Kendrick     @ Red Fox Literary
Jenna Pocius     @ Red Fox Literary
Abigail Samoun     @ Red Fox Literary
Dawn Frederick     @ Red Sofa Literary
Stacey Graham     @ Red Sofa Literary
Erik Hane     @ Red Sofa Literary
Amanda Rutter     @ Red Sofa Literary
Kelly van Sant     @ Red Sofa Literary
Laura Zats     @ Red Sofa Literary
Redhammer Management Ltd
Peter Cox     @ Redhammer Management Ltd
Ann Collette     @ Rees Literary Agency
Kelly Peterson     @ Rees Literary Agency
Rebecca Podos     @ Rees Literary Agency
Lorin Rees     @ Rees Literary Agency
Claire Anderson-Wheeler     @ Regal Hoffmann & Associates
Markus Hoffmann     @ Regal Hoffmann & Associates
Elianna Kan     @ Regal Hoffmann & Associates
Joe Regal     @ Regal Hoffmann & Associates
Grace Ross     @ Regal Hoffmann & Associates
Stephanie Steiker     @ Regal Hoffmann & Associates
Regina Ryan     @ Regina Ryan Publishing Enterprises

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