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Molly Ker Hawn     @ The Bent Agency
Sarah Manning     @ The Bent Agency
Beth Phelan     @ The Bent Agency
The Blair Partnership
Liz Bonsor     @ The Blair Partnership
Olivia Blumer     @ The Blumer Literary Agency
William Blumer     @ The Blumer Literary Agency
Julie Barer     @ The Book Group
Faye Bender     @ The Book Group
Brettne Bloom     @ The Book Group
Dana Murphy     @ The Book Group
Rebecca Stead     @ The Book Group
Elisabeth Weed     @ The Book Group
Jordy Albert     @ The Booker Albert Literary Agency
Brittany Booker Carter     @ The Booker Albert Literary Agency
Jen Hunt     @ The Booker Albert Literary Agency
Denise Bukowski     @ The Bukowski Agency
The Cameron Creswell Agency
Elyse Cheney     @ The Cheney Agency
Adam Eaglin     @ The Cheney Agency
Alexander Jacobs     @ The Cheney Agency
Alice Whitwham     @ The Cheney Agency
Steven Chudney     @ The Chudney Agency
Bill Clegg     @ The Clegg Agency
Chris Clemans     @ The Clegg Agency
Suzanne Brandreth     @ The Cooke Agency
Dean Cooke     @ The Cooke Agency
Ron Eckel     @ The Cooke Agency
Sally Harding     @ The Cooke Agency
Rachel Letofsky     @ The Cooke Agency
Craig Nelson     @ The Craig Nelson Company
Damaris Rowland     @ The Damaris Rowland Agency
Rena Rossner     @ The Deborah Harris Agency
Elaine English     @ The Elaine P. English Literary Agency
Elizabeth Kaplan     @ The Elizabeth Kaplan Literary Agency
Kate Epstein     @ The Epstein Literary Agency
Whitney Lee     @ The Fielding Agency
Ryan Fischer-Harbage     @ The Fischer-Harbage Agency
Christopher Hermelin     @ The Fischer-Harbage Agency
Robert Fleck     @ The Fleck Agency
Lucy Carson     @ The Friedrich Agency
Molly Friedrich     @ The Friedrich Agency
Kent Wolf     @ The Friedrich Agency
Lisa Adams     @ The Garamond Agency
David Miller     @ The Garamond Agency
Sarah Bolling     @ The Gernert Company
Sarah Burnes     @ The Gernert Company
Stephanie Cabot     @ The Gernert Company
Ellen Coughtrey     @ The Gernert Company
Julia Eagleton     @ The Gernert Company
Seth Fishman     @ The Gernert Company
David Gernert     @ The Gernert Company
Jack Gernert     @ The Gernert Company
Alia Hanna Habib     @ The Gernert Company
Libby McGuire     @ The Gernert Company
Chris Parris-Lamb     @ The Gernert Company
Will Roberts     @ The Gernert Company
Erika Storella     @ The Gernert Company
Anna Worrall     @ The Gernert Company
Sonia Pabley     @ The Gersh Agency
Amy Schiffman     @ The Gersh Agency
Sarah Self     @ The Gersh Agency
Joe Veltre     @ The Gersh Agency
Phyllis Wender     @ The Gersh Agency
Barbara Gislason     @ The Gislason Agency
Helen Zimmermann     @ The Helen Zimmermann Literary Agency
Kristina Holmes     @ The Holmes Agency
Jeff Herman     @ The Jeff Herman Agency, LLC
Jonathan Dolger     @ The Jonathan Dolger Agency
Joy Harris     @ The Joy Harris Literary Agency
Adam Reed     @ The Joy Harris Literary Agency
Chris Kepner     @ The Kepner Agency
Janna Bonikowski     @ The Knight Agency, Inc.
Lucienne Diver     @ The Knight Agency, Inc.
Pamela Harty     @ The Knight Agency, Inc.
Kristy Hunter     @ The Knight Agency, Inc.
Melissa Jeglinski     @ The Knight Agency, Inc.
Deidre Knight     @ The Knight Agency, Inc.
Travis Pennington     @ The Knight Agency, Inc.
Elaine Spencer     @ The Knight Agency, Inc.

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