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Valerie Hoskins Associates
Valerie Smith     @ Valerie Smith Literary Agency
Sally Van Haitsma     @ Van Haitsma Literary
Vanessa Holt Ltd
Greg Dinkin     @ Venture Literary
Frank Scatoni     @ Venture Literary
Katherine Boyle     @ Veritas Literary Agency
Michael Carr     @ Veritas Literary Agency
Chiara Rosati     @ Veritas Literary Agency
Samuel Pinkus     @ Veritas Media, Inc.
Vicky Bijur     @ Vicky Bijur Literary Agency
Bernadette Baker-Baughman     @ Victoria Sanders & Associates
Victoria Sanders     @ Victoria Sanders & Associates
Jessica Spivey     @ Victoria Sanders & Associates
Christine Cohen     @ Virginia Kidd Agency
Vivian Beck     @ Vivian Beck Agency
Robin Wade     @ Wade & Co Literary Agency
Wade and Doherty Literary Agency Ltd
Elizabeth Wales     @ Wales Literary Agency
Justin Allen     @ Watkins Loomis Agency, Inc.
Gloria Loomis     @ Watkins Loomis Agency, Inc.
Watson, Little Ltd
Laetitia Rutherford     @ Watson, Little Ltd
Cassie Hanjian     @ Waxman Leavell Literary
Larry Kirshbaum     @ Waxman Leavell Literary
Byrd Leavell     @ Waxman Leavell Literary
Molly O'Neill     @ Waxman Leavell Literary
Rachel Vogel     @ Waxman Leavell Literary
Scott Waxman     @ Waxman Leavell Literary
Victoria Wells Arms     @ Wells Arms Literary
Wendy Schmalz     @ Wendy Schmalz Agency
Wendy Sherman     @ Wendy Sherman Associates
Emily Mitchell     @ Wernick & Pratt Agency
Linda Pratt     @ Wernick & Pratt Agency
Marcia Wernick     @ Wernick & Pratt Agency
Carolyn Forde     @ Westwood Creative Artists
Hilary McMahon     @ Westwood Creative Artists
Bruce Westwood     @ Westwood Creative Artists
Jackie Meyer     @ Whimsy Literary Agency LLC
Olga Wieser     @ Wieser & Elwell
William Jensen     @ William K Jensen Literary Agency
Claudia Ballard     @ William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
Tina Bennett     @ William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
Mel Berger     @ William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
Peter Franklin     @ William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
Suzanne Gluck     @ William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
Dorian Karchmar     @ William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
Erin Malone     @ William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
Jay Mandel     @ William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
Andy McNicol     @ William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
Jennifer Rudolph Walsh     @ William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
Eric Simonoff     @ William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
Robert Wilson     @ Wilson Media
William Clark     @ Wm Clark Associates
Rachel Crawford     @ Wolf Literary Services LLC
Allison Devereux     @ Wolf Literary Services LLC
Kate Johnson     @ Wolf Literary Services LLC
Kirsten Wolf     @ Wolf Literary Services LLC
Michelle Wolfson     @ Wolfson Literary Agency
Sarah Joy Freese     @ WordServe Literary Agency
Nick Harrison     @ WordServe Literary Agency
Greg Johnson     @ WordServe Literary Agency
Stephen Barr     @ Writers House
Amy Berkower     @ Writers House
Susan Cohen     @ Writers House
Dan Conaway     @ Writers House
Lisa DiMona     @ Writers House
Victoria Doherty-Munro     @ Writers House
Susan Ginsburg     @ Writers House
Susan Golomb     @ Writers House
Merrilee Heifetz     @ Writers House
Brianne Johnson     @ Writers House
Daniel Lazar     @ Writers House
Simon Lipskar     @ Writers House
Steven Malk     @ Writers House
Beth Miller     @ Writers House
Andrea Morrison     @ Writers House
Jodi Reamer     @ Writers House
Robin Rue     @ Writers House
Alec Shane     @ Writers House

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