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Katherine Fausset     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Peter Ginsberg     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Elizabeth Harding     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Steve Kasdin     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Ginger Knowlton     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Timothy Knowlton     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Jonathan Lyons     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Steven Salpeter     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Maureen Walters     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Mitchell Waters     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Monika Woods     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Cynthia Cannell     @ Cynthia Cannell Literary Agency
Robert Diforio     @ D4EO Literary Agency
Joyce Holland     @ D4EO Literary Agency
Pam Howell     @ D4EO Literary Agency
Quressa Robinson     @ D4EO Literary Agency
Kelly van Sant     @ D4EO Literary Agency
Dana Newman     @ Dana Newman Literary
Greg Daniel     @ Daniel Literary Group
Leslie Daniels     @ Daniels Books LLC
Liz Darhansoff     @ Darhansoff & Verrill Literary Agents
Michele Mortimer     @ Darhansoff & Verrill Literary Agents
Chuck Verrill     @ Darhansoff & Verrill Literary Agents
Darley Anderson     @ Darley Anderson Literary
Tanera Simons     @ Darley Anderson Literary
Clare Wallace     @ Darley Anderson Literary
Camilla Wray     @ Darley Anderson Literary
Tricia Davey     @ Davey Literary & Media Management
Rica Allannic     @ David Black Literary Agency
David Black     @ David Black Literary Agency
Jenny Herrera     @ David Black Literary Agency
Heather Jackson     @ David Black Literary Agency
Gary Morris     @ David Black Literary Agency
Susan Raihofer     @ David Black Literary Agency
Sarah Smith     @ David Black Literary Agency
David Bolt Associates
David Godwin     @ David Godwin Associates
David Grossman Literary Agency Ltd
David Higham Associates Ltd
Caroline Walsh     @ David Higham Associates Ltd
David O’Leary Literary Agency
Timothy Wager     @ Davis Wager Literary Agency
Deborah Owen Ltd
Laurie Abkemeier     @ DeFiore and Company
Miriam Altshuler     @ DeFiore and Company
Ashley Collom     @ DeFiore and Company
Reiko Davis     @ DeFiore and Company
Brian DeFiore     @ DeFiore and Company
Matthew Elblonk     @ DeFiore and Company
Lisa Gallagher     @ DeFiore and Company
Meredith Kaffel Simonoff     @ DeFiore and Company
Caryn Karmatz Rudy     @ DeFiore and Company
Gabrielle Piraino     @ DeFiore and Company
Adam Schear     @ DeFiore and Company
Rebecca Strauss     @ DeFiore and Company
Nicole Tourtelot     @ DeFiore and Company
Denise Marcil     @ Denise Marcil Literary Agency
Anne Marie O'Farrell     @ Denise Marcil Literary Agency
Denise Shannon     @ Denise Shannon Literary Agency
David Hendin     @ DH Literary, Inc.
Broo Doherty     @ DHH Literary
Natalie Galustian     @ DHH Literary
David Headley     @ DHH Literary
Harry Illingworth     @ DHH Literary
Hannah Sheppard     @ DHH Literary
Ella Diamond Kahn     @ Diamond Kahn and Woods Literary Agency Ltd.
Bryony Woods     @ Diamond Kahn and Woods Literary Agency Ltd.
Diana Finch     @ Diana Finch Literary Agency
Diane Banks Associates
Dinah Wiener Ltd
Doe Coover     @ Doe Coover Agency
Colleen Mohyde     @ Doe Coover Agency
Dominick Abel     @ Dominick Abel Literary Agency
Don Baker Associates
Cristina Concepcion     @ Don Congdon Associates, Inc.
Michael Congdon     @ Don Congdon Associates, Inc.
Katie Grimm     @ Don Congdon Associates, Inc.
Katie Kotchman     @ Don Congdon Associates, Inc.
Maura Kye-Casella     @ Don Congdon Associates, Inc.

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