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Coombs Moylett Literary Agency
Helen Breitwieser     @ Cornerstone Literary Agency
Jacquelyn Ross     @ Cornerstone Literary Agency
Marisa Corvisiero     @ Corvisiero Literary Agency
Cate Hart     @ Corvisiero Literary Agency
Jennifer Haskin     @ Corvisiero Literary Agency
Saritza Hernandez     @ Corvisiero Literary Agency
Kaitlyn Johnson     @ Corvisiero Literary Agency
Meg LaTorre-Snyder     @ Corvisiero Literary Agency
Veronica Park     @ Corvisiero Literary Agency
Kelly Peterson     @ Corvisiero Literary Agency
Kortney Price     @ Corvisiero Literary Agency
Doreen Thistle     @ Corvisiero Literary Agency
Justin Wells     @ Corvisiero Literary Agency
Katherine Cowles     @ Cowles-Ryan Literary Agency
Nina Ryan     @ Cowles-Ryan Literary Agency
Jessica Craig     @ Craig Literary
Mollie Glick     @ Creative Artists Agency
Isabel Atherton     @ Creative Authors Ltd
Paige Wheeler     @ Creative Media Agency
Sha-Shana Crichton     @ Crichton & Associates, Inc.
Michael Psaltis     @ Culinary Entertainment Agency
Stephanie Koven     @ Cullen Stanley International
Cullen Stanley     @ Cullen Stanley International
Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Felicity Blunt     @ Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Catherine Cho     @ Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Sheila Crowley     @ Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Jonny Geller     @ Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Jonathan Lloyd     @ Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Alice Lutyens     @ Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Karolina Sutton     @ Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Stephanie Thwaites     @ Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Gordon Wise     @ Curtis Brown Group, Ltd.
Grace Heifetz     @ Curtis Brown, Australia
Fiona Inglis     @ Curtis Brown, Australia
Pippa Masson     @ Curtis Brown, Australia
Tara Wynne     @ Curtis Brown, Australia
Noah Ballard     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Laura Blake Peterson     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Tess Callero     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Ginger Clark     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Kerry D'Agostino     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Katherine Fausset     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Peter Ginsberg     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Elizabeth Harding     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Ginger Knowlton     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Timothy Knowlton     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Jonathan Lyons     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Steven Salpeter     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Maureen Walters     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Mitchell Waters     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Monika Woods     @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
Cynthia Cannell     @ Cynthia Cannell Literary Agency
Jessie Devine     @ D4EO Literary Agency
Robert Diforio     @ D4EO Literary Agency
Julie Dinneen     @ D4EO Literary Agency
Joyce Holland     @ D4EO Literary Agency
Pam Howell Victorio     @ D4EO Literary Agency
Kelly van Sant     @ D4EO Literary Agency
Dana Newman     @ Dana Newman Literary
Greg Daniel     @ Daniel Literary Group
Leslie Daniels     @ Daniels Books LLC
Liz Darhansoff     @ Darhansoff & Verrill Literary Agents
Michele Mortimer     @ Darhansoff & Verrill Literary Agents
Chuck Verrill     @ Darhansoff & Verrill Literary Agents
Darley Anderson     @ Darley Anderson Literary
Tanera Simons     @ Darley Anderson Literary
Clare Wallace     @ Darley Anderson Literary
Camilla Wray     @ Darley Anderson Literary
Beth Davey     @ Davey Literary & Media
Tricia Davey     @ Davey Literary & Media
Rica Allannic     @ David Black Literary Agency
David Black     @ David Black Literary Agency
Jenny Herrera     @ David Black Literary Agency
Deborah Hofmann     @ David Black Literary Agency
Gary Morris     @ David Black Literary Agency
Susan Raihofer     @ David Black Literary Agency
Sarah Smith     @ David Black Literary Agency
David Bolt Associates

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