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New Stuff

QT is always adding new features. When we do, we'll tell you all about it here.

Agent Reply Rates

Would you like to know how often an agent replies to queries, instead of silently rejecting with a no response?

The new Reply Rate feature lets you see each agent's reply rate, compare it to other agents and even sort search results based on reply rates.

This new feature is available to Premium Members. Become a Premium Member.

Mobile Ready

QueryTracker is now fully functional on desktops, tablets, and smart phones.

Query Timeline

The Query Timeline is a new way to view an agent's query history. It shows all the queries sent to a selected agent in a convenient and easy to read timeline graph.

This allows you to see a visual representation of the agent's replies. With this information you can determine where your query lies in the agent's queue, if the agent responds in order, or if your query was skipped.

New Comment Options

New tools to help you sift through agent comments quicker and more efficiently.

New Folder Icons

Organize your folders with new icons and colors to choose from.