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Newly Added Publishers

These publishers have been added to the QueryTracker database within the past 90 days.

Added: 12/31/2015  University of Oklahoma Press
Added: 12/09/2015  Mainly Murder Press
Added: 11/11/2015  Booktrope

Updated Publishers

These publishers have had their profiles updated within the past 90 days.

Updated: 01/13/2016  Milkweed Editions
Updated: 01/13/2016  Permuted Press
Updated: 12/16/2015  Spencer Hill Press
Updated: 12/16/2015  Hard Shell Word Factory
Updated: 11/11/2015  Handprint Books
Updated: 11/11/2015  Blank Slate Press
Updated: 11/11/2015  Phaze Books
Updated: 11/11/2015  Academy Chicago Publishers
Updated: 11/11/2015  Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill